Vaastu Tips For Shop

vastu tips for shop

According to Vaastu Shastra, special rules have been given for starting a shop or showroom, which is an ancient mystery. The success of a person depends on his hard work and income. It is believed that for a successful business, one should also take care of the Vaastu of his workplace. Let’s learn Saral Vaastu rules for shop by Vaastu Shastra:
Simple Vaastu tips for shop
1. The shop or showroom should be facing east or north direction. If this is not possible, then the shop can be made facing towards the west.
2. According to Vaastu Vidya, a shop facing south does not give auspicious results.
3. To keep the same inside the shop, cupboards, etc. west or south direction should be preferred.
4. The shop should not be kept in the northeast or southeast direction of the sale of the shop.
5. According to Vaastu Shastra, keeping the idol or water of the presiding deity in the northeast is considered auspicious.
6. It is auspicious to place the mainboard of electricity, inverter, or generator in the igneous angle (southeast) direction.
7. It is considered auspicious for the employees working in the shop to be towards the west or south direction.
8. The owner of the shop or showroom should sit in the west direction. By doing this the income increases.
9. It is auspicious to keep the safety of the shop with the help of the west or south wall.
10. There should not be any beam above the galley, safe, owner, or manager’s place. This can become a hindrance in business.
11. If the customer is entering the shop then he should face north or east direction. This increases enthusiasm and the atmosphere remains good.
12. Keeping the idol of Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh in the north or east direction of the shop is beneficial in business.
13. Quadrilateral or round-shaped shop is considered more auspicious.
14. Heavy goods should be kept in the southwest direction of the shop.
15. If you want to keep a TV or computer in the shop, then the southeast direction is most auspicious.