Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra: These things should never be in front of the house, otherwise they give negative energy

Vastu Shastra is believed to help us in making our life easier and protect us from some evil forces. In a way, Vastu Shastra keeps us in a safe environment away from negative energy. According to the belief, Vastu Shastra is the Vedic construction science, the foundation of which has been laid by Vishwakarma. Including the principles and philosophies of architecture, which are of utmost importance in the construction of a building.

According to the experts, the architects estimate the auspicious and inauspicious condition of the plot by looking at the surrounding objects. In which direction of the plot, what is situated and what will be its effect on the plot, this information is obtained from the analysis of the principles of Vastu Shastra. If the building is constructed according to Vastu principles and rules, then the chances of the people living in the building becoming happy becomes strong.

According to Vastu experts, it is the desire of every human being that his house should be inhabited by beautiful, pleasant and positive energy, where the life of the occupants is pleasant and peaceful. Therefore it is necessary that the building should be constructed according to Vastu principles and there should be no Vastu defect in it. If there is a defect in the direction of the house or in the land, then no matter how much cost should be erected on it, still the life of the people living in it will not be happy. It is said that the principles and rules of Vastu Shastra were also used in the construction of Mughal buildings, pyramids of Egypt etc.

Understand the relation of Vastu Shastra and Astrology like this

Both Vastu and Astrology are complementary and integral parts of each other. Like the human body has an inextricable relationship with its organs. In the same way, astrology has an inextricable relationship with all its branches, Prashna Shastra, Numerology, Vastu Shastra etc.

The reason for the closeness between Jyotish and Vastu Shastra is that the purpose of both the scriptures is to provide protection and progress to human beings on the path of progress and advancement. As a result of the things placed in the right places in a building constructed according to Vastu principles, the life of the people living in the building becomes peaceful and happy. Therefore, before the construction of the building, after consulting an architect, the building should be constructed according to the Vastu principles.

Vastu is that art of building a house which starts from the north-east and by following which the obstacles of the house are removed. It is protected from natural disasters and disturbances, that is, negativity is removed from the environment of the house.

According to Vastu experts, according to Vastu, there are two types of energy around us. A positive energy- which keeps us happy as well as motivates us to do good work and live together with family. On the other hand, there is negative energy – due to which we remain under stress and the atmosphere of the house also remains tense.

In fact, if there are some such defects related to Vastu, then they are considered responsible for negative energy. We should keep checking in and around our house every now and then that there is no such thing growing that is provoking the negative energy to enter our house. In such a situation, today we are telling you about some such things in front of the house, which if you bring negative energy in your house.

Maa Lakshmi enters from the main door of our house and all kinds of positive energy also comes from there, so there should not be any accumulation of dirty water outside the main door. This is considered to be the main reason for having Vastu Dosha in your house. If by mistake the accumulation of dirty water is in the west direction of the house, then the possibility of loss of money increases.

(1) Apart from this, thorny plants should not be planted in front of the main door of the house, nor should there be tall trees from your house. Due to this, your enemies increase and your progress stops. Apart from this, there are differences in the family and health also deteriorates.

(2) Not only this, never keep such a dustbin in front of the main gate that your eyes may fall on it as you come and go. Apart from this, there should not be a pile of garbage in front of the house. It is painful and promotes loss of money. Apart from this, if there is an electric pole right in front of your house, then there is a hindrance in your progress. If this happens, there is also a hindrance in the entry of Lakshmi into your house.

(3) According to Vastu experts, it is often seen that people put vine plants in front of their house for decoration and put the vine on the front wall of the house. In Vastu, it is considered a defect.

(4) This increases the number of your enemies and the opponents start conspiring against you. It is believed that by climbing a vine on the wall in front of the house, there is a quarrel with the neighbors and negative energy enters the house.

(5) Along with this, it has also been seen many times that after construction the road becomes higher than your main gate. It is very painful to have such a road. It is considered a major architectural defect. If your main door has also become like this, then it would be better to get it repaired after getting it repaired and get the main door elevated from the road.

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