Vastu Consultant In Delhi And Home Interior

Vastu consultant in Delhi and Home Interior

The decoration of the house should always be done according to Vastu as per Vastu consultant in Delhi. The person or homeowner who does this always remains happy, happy, and healthy. Here are some important tips, keeping in mind that you can decorate your home –

1. Never place furniture like sofa, table, chair in the drawing-room of the house towards the east or north wall.

2. Always keep the sofa on the western or southern wall of the house. If not possible and the sofa fits well towards the east or north wall, it should be placed at least 6 inches away from the walls.

3. Ensure more free space in the drawing-room in the east and north direction.

4. Never keep the stairs of the house near the main entrance. Nor should living be in the middle of the house. If you see the stairs going up all the way while entering the house, it is considered inauspicious.

Why are snakes and urns placed in the foundation of the house?

Before building a house, the foundation is dug and according to Vastu, a metal snake and a vase are placed in that foundation, and then the foundation is laid. After all, why do this, let’s know brief information in this regard. Snakes are the ornaments of Lord Shiva. Lakshmana and Balarama are considered to be Shesavatar. This practice continues with this belief. According to the Puranas, Lord Sheshnag has lifted the earth on his hood. In mythological texts, there is a mention of the earth resting on the hood (brain) of Sheshnag. According to the Puranas, seven types of Hades have been described – Atal, Vital, Satal, Talatal, Mahatal, Rasatal, Patal.

In the people of Hades, there is Nagalok, where the king Vasuki is the serpent. Sheshnag is his elder brother. Sheshnag with thousand hoods is the king of all serpents. During the foundation worship, the figure of Sheshnag is symbolically placed in seven of the Kalash. It has the same feeling that Sheshnag is holding the whole earth on his hood and is protecting it, in the same way, protect this building of mine.

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 Silver snakes are kept in the foundation. Along with it, the Kalash in the form of Vishnu is also considered a symbol of Kshirsagar, in which water and milk are mixed and the coin which is kept in it is a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. All three are duly worshipped.

Before filling the foundation, a pair of serpent-serpent made of silver is pressed into it. It is believed that the way Sheshnag had protected Lord Krishna, in the same way, it would also protect the house from all kinds of evils.

Apart from this, many types of materials are needed in the worship of the foundation of the house, such as roli, 5 or 7 leaves of betel, clove, cardamom, whole betel nut, barley, camphor, flour, rice, black sesame, yellow mustard, incense, havan material. , Panchmeva, pure ghee of the cow, water in a copper lute, a coconut, etc.

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