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According to Vastu Shastra, the vastu consultant in Faridabad says that while decorating the house and keeping auspicious things along with some pimples, on one hand, the Vastu defects of the house will be removed, on the other hand, your destiny will be opened. Let’s know how you can make your home lucky.

Cautions as per Vastu: –

1. Home should be according to Vastu.
2. The door of the house should be in the north, west, or east direction.
3. Always keep the house clean.
4. Do not keep unnecessary items inside the house.
5. Do not keep pictures or idols of many Gods and Gods in the house.
6. Always keep the northeast corner of the house empty or make it a place of water.
7. The picture of Lord Ganesha above the door and the right-left swastika should be written with benefits.
8. Make the atmosphere good with sweet fragrance and music in the morning and evening.
9. The Vastu consultant in Faridabad says that before bedtime, burn the camphor soaked in ghee.
10. There are plants, trees with negative energy around the house, so beware of them.
11. The airways in the house should be such that the air flows in the house as soon as it enters.
12. Three doors should not be in a straight line. The wind penetrated from one side and there was no exit.

Destructive items:

1. Rudraksha
2. Conch
3. Bells
4. Swastika icon
5. Camel locket
6. Urn
7. Ganges water
8. Molly (wrist bandage)
4. Mala of lotus gatte, tulsi, or rudraksha.
5. Brass statue of Salgram and Panch Dev.
6. Picture of nature on wall or picture of a cheerful family.

Lucky Plants: –

1. Banana
2. Basil
3. Money Plant
4. Pomegranate
5. People
6. Elder
7. Mango
8. Jamfal
9. curry leaves
10. Champa and Jasmine

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