Vastu Consultant In Gurgaon And Vastu Tips

Vastu consultant in Gurgaon and Vastu Tips

Read these amazing tips from the best Vastu consultant in Gurgaon:

The plot should not be cut in Ishaan (North-East). It is inauspicious to have part of the building raised in the northeast. If it is raised then there will be a lack of sweetness in the relationship.

Having a kitchen or toilet in the North-East (Ishaan) also affects relationships. Both have health-related problems.

Giving high height or keeping heavy during construction in the buried north also puts the relationship between son and father in trouble.

Construction of storeroom, mound, or mountain-like shape in Ishaan (North-East) also creates bitterness in father-son relationship and both keep blaming each other.

By keeping electronic items or flammable materials and other heat-generating devices in the northeast, the son ignores the words of the father. Brings on the status of infamy in society.

Use of Vastu for the happy life of husband and wife

In today’s material world, man is leaving spirituality and running after material pleasures. Lack of time has made him indifferent to relationships. But even today man wants to enjoy all the pleasures of the world in his home. For this, we have to connect married life with Vastu. In fact, what should we do so that instead of ego, love should be found between husband and wife, instead of competition, there should be companionship.

However, in household life or in practical life, any small reason turns into a big reason. Whether it is financial or related to other members of the household. It directly affects the relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, the environment of the house should be such that negative energies are less and positive energies are more active. All this can be possible only through Vastu.

The northeast angle of the house is very important. If husband and wife sit and worship together, then their ego will end and sweetness will increase in the relationship. By lighting a lamp in Tulsi by Grihalakshmi in the evening, negative forces can be reduced. Keep the Northeast corner of every room in the house clean, especially the bedroom.

One of the reasons for the animosity between husband and wife is also the absence of a bedroom in the right direction. If you do not have accommodation in the rooms located in the corner located in the southwest direction, then the love relationship becomes bitter instead of good.

Vastu Tips continued….

The reason for determining the south direction for the bedroom is that the lord of this direction is Yama, Shakti, and restorative. South and southeast angles are suitable for sleeping comfortably at home. Instead of having a normal photo of husband and wife in the bedroom laughing, then it is appropriate according to Vastu.

If there is a toilet in the corner room of the north-east direction inside the house, then the life of husband and wife remains very disturbed. There is a financial crisis and a decrease in child happiness. Therefore it is advisable to remove the toilet. If removal is not possible, place sea salt in a glass vessel. Unless it is sealed, replace it. If this is not possible, then put rock salt in an earthen pot and keep it.

Vastu Tips continued….

If the kitchen is not in the right direction inside the house, then in such a state the thoughts of husband and wife will never meet. The bitterness in the relationship will increase day by day. Because of the fire burning somewhere. The right direction of the kitchen is the igneous angle. If it is not possible in the igneous direction then there are other alternative directions. Between igneous and south, between igneous and east, between west and north.

So if we want to make our married life happy and prosperous and expect that we can make the beautiful dream of life come true. For this, by adopting the measures of Vastu with full devotion and devotion, bring happiness in your life.

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