vastu for factory

Remove factory's architectural defects like this

The practice of Vastu is Sanatan. It is of course that it had disappeared from sight for some time, but today it has again attained its full youth, there is no doubt about it. In today's era of industrialization, many changes keep happening, due to which many problems also keep arising.
Industrial business ie factories are also not untouched by this. Many factories are closed after running for a few years, so many keep running due to the implementation of the principles of Vastu and also bring benefits.

Whatever be the industry, it should continue. It is easy to set up any industry, but running it at an uninterrupted pace is a very difficult task. If even after investing lakhs and crores, the factory runs in loss or shuts down, then what can be more confusing than this?
Today many factories are on the verge of closure due to neglect of Vastu defects. Some have either closed down or the ones that are left are just completing their period.

Whatever be the reasons, but in the end it is proved to be Vastu defects. If you are also the owner of a factory tomorrow or are trying to get it built, then you can get profit from the factory by adopting the Vastu rules.

It is important to note that the construction should be done according to the condition of Vastu Purush. With such construction, the plot can prove to be profitable. Vastu Purush should be imagined as a man lying face down in an industrial plot, in which the face of Vastu Purush is in the north-east (North-East) and the feet are towards the south-west (South-West). The arms and shoulders of Vastu Purush face towards Vayavya angle (North-West) and remain connected towards Agneya angle (East-South).

On the basis of this Vastu Purush, the arrangement of office, machinery, platform, heater, boiler, chimney, cash counter, tank etc. should be done according to Vastu in the factory to be built in the plot. So that it is fully capable of benefiting.

Here we will specially consider two conditions of tomorrow-factories. One is the factory which is going to be built and the other which is already built.
Let us first consider the structure of the factory on the under construction plot.

Size of plot under construction

The shape of the factory or the factory plot should be square, rectangular or lion-faced. If it is not so it may cause defect in factory.


1. The slope of the factory plot should be from Northeast (South-West) to Northeast (North-East).
2. If there are tall buildings in the south-west of the factory, open, sloping, wide road or canal in the north and east, then such a place is very auspicious.
3. It should also be kept in mind that the Northeast angle should not be at the height. There should not be any useless thing or garbage here. How clean will this place be? The plot will prove to be equally profitable.
4. It is very important to have a wall around the plot. The south-west wall should be lower than the east-north wall.

Construction work

1  If you are getting construction in east and north direction, then you should get more free space constructed in east and north than in south and west.
2. If you are getting construction in the west facing plot, then do not leave empty space towards west direction. There should be no slanting and inclination towards south and north.
If you are building in the south facing plot, then there should be no verandah or balcony in this direction.
The main gate of the factory building should be in the east, north and north. This condition is very good. The most beneficial door is considered to be the north direction, because the north direction comes under the ownership of Kubera.
If you are building in a south facing plot, then the entrance should be in the middle of the plot.
For the movement of large vehicles, gates should be made at two places in the factory. The exit gate should be in the north or west.
It is important to note that it is not appropriate to make the main gate of the factory in the eastern igneous or northern windy.

windows and skylights

1. Maximum number of windows and skylights should be made in the North and East direction in the factory.
2. These windows should be in the same line in the wall.
3. All the windows should open outwards and their number should be even. The windows are considered to be paved with two pallas.

Administrative Office

Personnel are required to make arrangements in the factory. Therefore, the arrangements related to the office should be done very carefully, because on their strength the responsibility of running the entire factory is held. Administrative office can be arranged in the following ways:
1. The administrative office of the factory should be in the east or north direction.
2. In this, the place of the owner of the factory should be in the south, west or north direction.
3. The owner of the factory should be facing east as far as possible. If it cannot be done in the east, then it can also be done towards the north.
4. There must be a picture of the presiding deity behind the seat of the owner. If there will be any kind of defect in his office, then all the defects will be resolved by this.
4. The presiding deity must be established in the north-east corner of the office. If possible, keep a vessel full of water there and fill that vessel with new water every day.

Manager's room

If it is possible to have a manager's room, then only in the southeast corner.

It should be done near the owner's room. It can be done in North or East also. The meeting position of the manager should be facing east. Whenever the visitor comes, his face should remain towards South or West.
Accounts & Technical Room
The accountant's room should be in the igneous angle and should be facing north direction. All the documents related to the accounts should be kept in the almirah kept in the north-east corner of the room.

Field workers

Field workers working outside the factory should be given a place in the west angle only. Keeping them in this place will speed up their field work and they will not be able to stand still.

Labor worker status

The soul of the factory or rather the most important link is the workers. If their mind and mind will be right, then the production of goods will also be fine and there will be progress in the profits of the factory, so we should pay special attention to their condition.
1. Stand the workers working in the factory in such a way that they face north or east.
2. Never make the artisans stand under the beam. Otherwise, their mental balance will not be right and they will not be able to work properly under stress, which will have less effect on production.
3. If the workers are coming under the beam, then the beam should be felled.
4. If you are troubled by an employee, and want to remove him, then make him work in the west facing south, he will leave the place in a few days.
5. If you want to keep it regular, then it should be kept north or east facing.

Fire plant

Boilers, transformers, generators, electric poles etc. should be in the eastern igneous direction. Chimney should also be kept in the eastern igneous direction. If it is not possible here, then it can also be placed in the west angle.


Keep heavy machines in the southern part and light machines in the northern part. If there are underground machines, they should be installed in the eastern or northern part. Along with machines, it would be preferable to install electrical motor, switch etc. equipment in each room in the igneous angle of the room.


Bad machines or if there is any kind of service work in the factory, then the defective machines should be kept in the igneous angle. Optionally, it can be kept in the western or eastern part also.

Assessment of goods

Any industry is the means of livelihood for many workers and employees and it runs for livelihood, from whatever goods are manufactured in the factory. For this, the handling and evacuation of raw materials and finished goods should be done thoughtfully according to Vastu, because if there is a delay in its clearance immediately after the manufacture of the goods, then the financial system is disturbed, as well as the problem of storage also arises. becomes | For this, we should pay special attention to the following points.
1. It is best to keep heavy semi-finished goods and raw materials in the southeast part. By the way, it can be kept in the northern part as well.
2. The finished goods should always be kept in the west angle. By keeping the goods here, its sale is done quickly.
3. The goods manufactured in Northeast angle, Northeast angle and in the middle should never be kept.
4. The production of goods should be started from the south-west and clearance from the north-east side, it should be so.

Packing room

After the manufacture of the parts, they have to be organized and given the form of a commodity and sent for sale outside, this place is called packing room. This room should be made in the north or east direction.

Water system

Water system has a very important place in the factory. Therefore, the arrangement of water should always be done at the proper place. Water should be arranged in the north in the factory. Well, it can be done in the east or north, but there must be a well or a tube well. Build in overhead tank aerial.

Contaminated water drainage

The drain and flow of contaminated water in the factory should be kept towards east, north or north-east, but it is important that the contaminated water should not collect in the north-east. If the plant for purification of contaminated water is to be installed, then it should be installed in the north or east only.


The toilet should be made in the ventilated or igneous part. Toilets should never be constructed in the northeast.


Parking arrangements for vehicles should be made in North Vayavya and East Agney.


If there is a gate in the eastern part, then there should be a guardroom in the south part and if there is a door in the northern part, then there should be a guardroom in the western part.


Lawn and small plants should be planted in the east or north. Large trees should be planted in the south and west part of the plot.
Vastu defects and their solution in the manufactured factory
This is the format of the factory under construction. Let us now discuss about those factories which are already built and probably defective as well. If a factory is not giving the best results in spite of full hard work or good investment, then the defects can be removed by taking the following measures:


It is said that the one who is not in anyone's bus is in the hands of God. If there are innumerable defects in a plot, but the land in which God resides, then that land becomes completely free from defects, so a small temple must be established in the north-east corner of the factory plot. Whatever the presiding deity of the owner of the factory, his idol should be installed there, but after the temple is built, special care should be taken for worship and maintenance. It has been observed many times that the person is slow

They get the temple built, but they keep a shortfall in their worship. There should be proper arrangements for worship in the temple. Regular worship in it not only increases the spiritual tendency, but also removes the defects if any in the plot.

Formational defects and their solutions

1. If there is any defect related to size in the plot, it should be rectified as far as possible. Or the wall of the hedge (special plant) should be erected, due to which the pleasure of greenery will be obtained, as well as the defect will also be eliminated.
2. If the north side of the plot is cut off, then it will create a defect and the problem of water will remain constant at such a place.
3. Ishaan must be raised. If Ishaan is small, then the landowner can never be spiritually successful. To correct this, a life size mirror should be installed on the eastern northeast wall. It is to be noted that there should not be any heavy items in the direction just opposite to this mirror.
4. In this angle, green trees should be planted or light pots should be kept. White color should be used on this wall.
5. If the southern part is low and the northern part is high, then this defect can be removed by placing heavy pots, mud and bricks in the southern part. Also, the mirror should be placed on the ground in the northeast in such a way that the sky element is visible in that mirror.
6. If there is a defect related to the igneous angle, then red color should be done there and a red colored bulb should always be kept lit.

Door troubleshooting

1. The main gate should always be big. If it is not there, then pictures of flowers and leaves should be made around it, so that it will appear bigger.
2. If more than two gates are in a straight line, then one door should always be kept closed in the middle of them and the auspicious symbol 'Swastika' or 'Om' should be put there.
3. If the main gate of the building is in the south, then to get its auspicious results, Ganpati with the right trunk should be established at the southern main gate of the house.
4. There should not be any perforation just in front of the door. If yes, then at some distance a hedge wall should be made.

Toilet troubleshooting

The correct position of the toilet is airy. It is also said to be paved in fire, but in such a situation the kitchen should be in the air. If a toilet is built in the northeast, it will create a serious situation. The owner of the factory will always be ill and there will be many financial and employee related problems. In this situation, the toilet should be removed from there and clean soil should be filled in the length of a man by taking out the soil. There should be a picture of green trees and plants.
If the toilet is unable to be removed from there, then put a picture of a fighting lion inside it and its use should be stopped.

Accident related troubleshooting

If there are daily fires, interruptions in production and accidents happen in your factory, then see that the fire or power plant is not installed in Vayavya, Northeast or Northeast angle, if it is, then remove it immediately and put them in the igneous angle. keep it They should be removed from the angle and installed anywhere in the middle direction.