Check Vastu like this before buying a flat

While choosing a flat for himself, any person should consider some important rules of Vastu. Failure to follow these rules can lead to problems. If you increase positive energy in life, then happiness will also increase.

Flat culture is on the rise these days. Cities dream of owning house is very expensive and hence people live in flats. While constructing the flat, builders want to make maximum use of every part and hence the rules of Vastu are ignored.

If your flat is in a building which is having Vastu defects then problems may arise in life. Following certain Vastu rules while buying a flat can fill your life with happiness and joy.

Many times a person gives priority to his budget while buying a flat, but if the rules of Vastu are also taken care of, then many problems can be avoided. You can protect your happiness by keeping a few things in mind while choosing a flat.

Vastu is nothing but the science of being in touch with positive energy. If you stay away from negative energy then its effect will be clearly visible on your life. Vastu increase positivity around us.

(1)- The plot or land on which the multi-storey building is built in which your flat is situated should be rectangular. Along with this, there should also be more open space in the north and east direction.

(2)- Also keep in mind that there should not be a big hospital, cremation ground, graveyard, slaughterhouse near where you are buying the flat because the negative energy emanating from these places affects a large part.

(3)- The flat should be bought in any such multistorey building which has underground water tank, well or tube well in North or East direction or Northeast. It is not considered auspicious to have a water source in any other direction or angle.

(4)- The overhead water tank should be in the west, west or southeast angle.

(5)- The boundary wall of a multi-storey building should be higher in the south than in the north and in the west than in the east.

(6)- The generator room to be fitted for multi should be in south-east (fire) zone.

(7)- Both the main door of the multi-storey building and the door of the flat should be free from obstruction. There should be no obstacle in front of them.

(8)- The stairs to go up in a multi-storey building should not be in the north-east but in the south or west in the clockwise direction. Never buy a flat which is directly opposite the stairs.

(9)- Remember that in any multi-storey building, the people living on the ground floor have a full effect of Vastu defects. The effect of these doshas on the people living on the upper floors gradually decreases.

(10)- Balcony in the flat should be in the North, Northeast or East direction so that the energy and light from the sun can be fully benefited.

(11)- The kitchen should be in the igneous angle of the flat. If this is not possible then it can also be made in the west or north direction.

(12) - The kitchen platform should be in such a way that the person cooking food should face east. The water system in the kitchen should be in the north or north.

(13)- At the entrance of the flat, auspicious signs like swastika, auspiciousness etc. should be put. Horseshoe can also be placed at the entrance to ward off the evil eye.

(14) - The pictures of sad, crying children of animals and birds, setting sun or where there is still water should not be put in the flat.

(15) - The flat which has been left by a family in a very sad or troubled manner should not be bought or rented.

(16) - The kitchen should never be in front of the main door of the house.

(17)- The location of the toilet should be in the North-West or South-West.

(18) - All doors in the flat should open inwards.

(19- The total number of windows and doors should be even.