vastu for office

If you are not getting progress in your work, then follow these 10 easy Vastu tips

Just as we work in a planned way to do the right and successful work in life, in the same way the place where we live, whether it is our home or our office. If the waves there are favorable to the Vaastu vibes, then keeping our actions in mind, our plans are also made right. Inspirational thoughts that give success also come and we also get the successful result of the work done.

The vibes of our office help us in the success we achieve. It matters a lot in our office what activities we are doing.

1. It is better if the selection of colors in the office is of light colors because it keeps the mind of the people working in the office and the people coming there calm. It is good if the selection of office furniture and interior decoration is also keeping these things in mind. Colors also have an effect on our mind.

2. It is good if the clothes of the employees are also of light color. Our seating area in the office should also be such where we feel positive. Our attention should be on our works.

3. It is good to sit in the office facing north or east.

4. In the office where the meeting is held with the staff, there should not be a semi-circular table because it can increase your problems with the people working there and the result of the meeting there will also not be beneficial.

5. Where office owners sit, there should be a wall behind them.

6. It would be better if the accountant in the office sits in the east direction. Your cabin door should open inwards.

7. Office lighting should also not be too bright and neither should any poster or painting, which evokes a sense of violence. If you want to put up a poster or painting, put it in which there are inspirational thoughts.

8. It is good if the citrine crystal is in tumble form in the drawer of the table.

9. Make sure that there is no beam in the cabin and where you hold your meeting.

10. It is better if the temple in the office is such a place where every employee has darshan in the morning.