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Vedic astrologer Tenth house in astrology

Vedic astrologer – Tenth house in astrology and its charisma

An astrologer sees the tenth house as the most powerful and influential house in the horoscope as per Vedic astrologer. In Vedic astrology, people also call it Vishnu place. Like the Ascendant, all the planets related to the tenth house give good results according to their lord and importance. The tenth house is the most sacred house in the horoscope and it

represents the deeds for which you are born in this world.

Zodiac signs in the tenth house :

Aries, Taurus, and Leo are the three major zodiac signs, which are considered to be beneficial and

strong in the tenth house. If there is no planet in the tenth house, then the characteristics of

the zodiac signs present in the tenth house become very important.

Fire signs:

Engineering, Automobile, Steelworks, Surgeon, Soldier, Barber, and other types of professions.

Earth Signs:

Represent the economy, civil service, and management services. These also include food, mining, timber, agriculture, and other related jobs.

Air Signs:

Provides possibilities for professions like a philosopher, writer, astrologer, lawyer, pilot, etc.

Water signs:

Provides employment opportunities related to a liquid position like milk, shipping, laundry, merchant navy, fishing, marine engineering, etc.

Planets in the tenth house:-

The planets present in a favorable position in the tenth house give good results according to their lord, factor, relationship with other planets, and aspect. If a planet is present in the tenth house then it will give the results of the house of which it is the lord.

The tenth house is calculated not only from the Ascendant but also from the ascended Ascendant, Sun, and Moon. When several planets are present in the tenth house, which are both good and bad, it puts the person in a deep state, which is very unpredictable.

Study of the tenth house lord is required to give accurate predictions about the tenth house as this is also the Karaka bhava for Career. One should also look at the owners of different houses in the tenth house. When any lord is present in the tenth house, the power of his house increases manifold. Not only this, but an astrologer should also do a detailed analysis of the exchange of the lord of the 10th house with the lords of other houses.

Overall in astrology,

the tenth house represents those actions, through which a person can earn a living, and which increase his status in society. The characteristics of the tenth house can be considered as an outward manifestation of an inner impulse.

The tenth house is also called the midpoint of the sky, where the Sun is at its highest position. It signifies the royal patronage, profession, and karma of the present incarnation.

In order to have a healthy and happy life, both the horoscope of a person and the Vastu of his house should be good and they must also be in harmony. Do you want to know what is good for you then ask Tarka?