Vedic Astrology Capricorn Today 2021

Vedic astrology Capricorn today 2021

Auspicious results will be received this year for Vedic astrology Capricorn in the year 2021 will be fantastic

for education, lots of new year wishes, let us know what 2021 has brought for you.

According to Capricorn Horoscope 2021, the year 2021 looks good for education. At this time, Rahu will give

good results to the students due to their hard work, so that they will be able to understand every subject correctly.

Natives who are dreaming of going abroad may also get good news this year, but for this,you will need to be focused

and make continuous efforts.

Due to planetary positions in family life, you will get mixed fruits this year. While there will be a lack of family

happiness due to the presence of Mars in the fourth house in the initial months, gradually the conditions will

also improve with time. According to the Vedic astrology Capricorn, This year, Mars will give you trouble in family

life, but you will get auspicious results during transit in the Aquarius of Guru Jupiter.

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Talking of married natives, they will get a little less good results this year, because Shani Dev’s vision will provide

you with stress and many challenges in married life. With this, a dispute with your partner is possible when the red planet Mars is in the seventh house, but time will be good for the child’s side. On the other hand, this year looks very good for your love life, because Rahu’s presence in your fifth house will make you successful in every love test so that both of you can also make a big decision like bonding with each other.

January, February, April, and May will be the best time for you, but in March, July and August, some small dispute is possible with the lover. Saturn’s auspicious position is going to affect your health most positively this year, in which case you will feel very healthy throughout this year. Any of your chronic diseases which were giving you problems till now will also be over so that you will be seen doing every work without getting stress free.

Astrological remedy according to Capricorn Horoscope 2021 as per the Vedic astrology Capricorn.

On any Saturday, but the best quality Sapphire Gemstone in the Panchadhatu or Ashtadhatu ring in your middle finger. This will make Saturn strong and give you good results.

It would be beneficial for you to wear opal gemstone on the ring finger. You can wear it in a silver ring on Friday.

Give white sweets to girls younger than 10 years every Friday and get their blessings.

Donate blood to the needy on any Tuesday for the peace of Mars.

Donating a pomegranate tree will also be good for you.

Every Wednesday, feed the whole moong dal, cow with your own hands.

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