What is Guna Milan matching, if you are getting married, first know what it means

Prior to marriage, matching of birth journals of the bridegroom was called the ‘Melan-method’. Later this method became popular in different areas as ‘Milan Sheet’, ‘Gun Milan’, ‘Milan’ and ‘Melapak’. Astrology is also called Pointer Science. Read below to know more what the best marriage astrologer in India has to say about it.

Therefore, before getting married in the chariot of life, information about the nature, qualities, behavior, and conduct of two unfamiliar persons is obtained, then it is helpful for the couple’s life. The following 5 points are considered by including the birth journals of the bridegroom for a happy married life, suggested by the leading matrimonial astrologers in Delhi:

Guna Milan matching continues,

1. Both the animals are in good health.

2. Availability of enjoyment in the operation of the family.

3. Both get Ratisukh.

4. Neither of them is harmful and

5. There should be an arrangement of meaning for family expenditure.

The above things are seen in the birth journal with the ascendant, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth expressions respectively. The health of the person from the first, happiness from the use of household items (TV, furniture, freeze, and utensils, etc.) from the fourth, happiness of male and female intercourse from seventh to seventh, long-term life from eighth and power of buying and selling from twelfth house. Etc. are considered.

Guna Milan matching continued,

Each planet is in one of the twelve expressions of the magazine at the time of its exodus. In such a situation, if there are sin planets in these 5 bhavas or if these 5 bhavas are visible and related to sin planets, then 5 divided twelve i.e. more than 40 percent of the life of married life is affected. In such a situation, our gods will have started the tradition of matching to lead a happy, prosperous, and happy couple life.

From this, mutual equality, friendship, and relationship are considered in the birth planets and constellations of the bride and groom tied in the knot.

Two distinctions of Melapaka are stated in the scriptures. One planet Melapaka and the other constellation Melapaka. On the basis of these two, the education, character, fate, age, and fertility of the bride and groom are assessed. The ‘Ashtakoot’ and the nine planets (traditional) of the Nakshatras express this mystery.

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