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World famous astrologer in India  Solar Eclipse

World famous astrologer in India:- Solar Eclipse: Do’s, Don’t:-This year the first solar eclipse of the year will happen on December 4, 2021. Over time, societal beliefs have made solar eclipses such a great evil that the market

of misconceptions and rumors about the eclipse becomes hot. In this article, we will know what to do and what not to do during a solar eclipse.The facts that are told about the eclipse are so true.

The form of questions and answers, we will consider some questions, which have been placed in the public

mind in the recent past due to the propaganda of the market and the media. It is definitely forbidden for pregnant women to see the eclipse because a baby is growing in the woman’s womb at that time,

it can have the opposite effect. 

Apart from this, no one has been forbidden to watch the eclipse. It is better that you see the eclipse yourself and also encourages

your grandchildren to see the important event of the eclipse. Due to misconceptions, we are getting away from our subject, which is not proper.

World famous astrologer in India asks does Rahu grasp the Sun during an eclipse?

Technically, this is a correct statement, but in practice or in physical form nothing like this happens. Rahu and Ketu are two such points in the sky that are formed at the coincident angle

formed by the relative motions of the Sun and the Moon to the Earth. 

In the past, scientists also believed that as a result of the motion of the planets of the solar system,

the effect of gravity is such that such pseudo-points are also formed in the

vacuum in transit which gives the impression of mass.

No such research has been done in relation to Rahu and Ketu, but according to the theory of astrology,

these points of the coincident angle of the path of the Sun and Moon definitely have their effect. 

Now the Sampat point towards the north has been given the name of Rahu. Whenever the Sun comes in the line of these points, a solar eclipse occurs. In such a situation, it is technically said that Rahu absorbs the Sun during a solar eclipse.

Solar Eclipse – 2

Should food prepared during eclipse be thrown away?During the eclipse, the Moon covers the Sun, if you look at the transit now,

you will know that Sun, Moon, and Ketu are moving in Aquarius. The Sun has its own motion and the main source of energy for the Earth is the Sun itself.

For this reason, the Sun has been given the title of Vishnu in the scriptures. Now the life-giving rays of the Sun get interrupted during a solar eclipse. In such a situation, it is possible that the result of unusual

changes in nature is also on the food consumed.

In such a situation, it is okay to throw away cooked food. It is better not to prepare food just before the solar eclipse. There is less chance of spoilage of other uncooked paddy and other commodities.

Auspicious work should not be done during the eclipse?

As we know that the time of the eclipse is such a time that

nature does not live in its normal form. When we want to do any good work, the environment should also be conducive for it.

The time when we find the balance of nature disturbed, then that time should not be the time of

accumulation or expansion of worldly and material things. Graha Pravesh, marriage, and such auspicious activities which increase worldly pleasures are forbidden to be started during this period. 

Similarly, it is necessary for our health that our food is pure, in such a situation it is advisable to give up

cooked rice and immediately eatable items because it is possible that due to sudden changes in weather

during the eclipse, the food items may change. The waste has arrived.

In such a situation, it is best to abandon them. The sutak period of an eclipse starts four prahars i.e.

about twelve hours before and continues till the salvation of the eclipse. Food, water, and new auspicious works need to be sacrificed till this period.

World famous astrologer in India asks what should be done during the eclipse?

An eclipse is an important occasion for tantriks. If mantra sadhana is done during this period, then there is a lot of possibility of its results. Donation should be done because the mind is disturbed and this disturbance can be fulfilled by charity. 

One should worship by going to the temple. One should take the name of God. When nature in its normal form or say is not favorable to the creatures of the creation, then the best option is to try spiritual

upliftment while doing physical or worldly activities at least.

Effect of the eclipse on zodiac signs?

Nowadays it is told very prominently in the mainstream media that the eclipse will have this effect or that effect

on a certain zodiac sign, these are all misconceptions. An eclipse is such an astronomical event that affects all living beings equally. 

In such a situation, it is not possible that there should be a radical change in the life of a human being due to

the eclipse or the adverse effects are due to the eclipse. The speed of other celestial bodies is fixed. Our traditional Indian astrology can give accurate information about solar and lunar eclipses

from one thousand years ago and one thousand years ahead. 

Solar Eclipse – 3

In such a situation, in which period of the life of a person, when the eclipse will be faced, it can be told in advance.

In such a situation, classifying on the basis of the zodiac, only to tell the effect of the eclipse on a particular

zodiac in that time period is not only technically wrong but also ridiculous. 

The eclipse does not have any special effect on the zodiac signs. The natives should stay away from the drama going on in the mainstream media under the influence of the market.