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Seeing the position of Saturn before you buy a home or you might regret it

According to your horoscope in Lal Kitab, information about your house and object is given. Buy, build, or change the architecture of the house according to your horoscope. Let’s know in this regard what precautions should be taken according to the position of Saturn as per the best Vastu experts in Delhi:

1.Makan should be of any direction but Saturn’s direction is considered to be west. This means that Saturn is in

the west direction of your house and if the direction of Saturn in the horoscope is different then its

fruits will be different. Just as the native whose height is high, the door of the west direction will give auspicious results.

Position of Saturn continues…………….

2. Sunset is the place of illegal activities, tiraha, intersection, noisy shop, and factory place. All these places are the places of Rahu, Ketu, and Shani. It is not okay to live here. This good planet of horoscope also gives bad results. Saturn’s place inside the house is considered a bath and basement house.

3. If Saturn is in the eighth house, do not build a house but buy a house built. If Saturn is in the food number 1 of

the horoscope and there is a planet sitting in the food number 6, 7, and 10, or they are not contaminating each

other, then food number 8 will also be contaminated or the person by his actions Must have been corrupted. If such a person builds a house, he becomes disillusioned with roti and roti.

Position of Saturn continues…………….

4. When Saturn is sitting in house number 2 of the horoscope and if Venus and Mars are auspicious in the

horoscope, then the native will prosper when the person does not interfere in his house as it should be. But if Shani is in food number 3, then a house will be built, but 2 dogs will have to be raised, otherwise,

the dog of poverty will continue to bark in his house.

5. If Saturn is in house number 4 and the person starts building a new house, then it will have a bad effect on

his maternal grandfather’s family, in-laws’ family, and grandmother or elderly women. Similarly, if Saturn is in food number 5, then it is bad for children. The effect will start and if number 6. If you build your house after 39 years or otherwise, the relatives of the girls will be affected.

Position of Saturn continues…………….

6. The native should not build his own house if he is in Sunni house number 7,

but he should always get a house built, and if Saturn is in food number 8 and Venus,

Mars is also contaminated then the native House should not be

built from If you are building a house, then you should not even go and look there. Otherwise, waste will start.

7. If Shani Khana is in the number 9 in the horoscope and any woman of the house is pregnant while

building a house, then the native should not build a house with his earnings. Can make it back and forth. Similarly, even if Saturn is in food number 10, the native should not build a house with his earnings. If he follows this rule, his wealth will always remain.

8. If the house is in the number 11, then the native should never build a house, etc. in the south direction,

nor should he ever consume alcohol. Otherwise, there is no guarantee of health. Even if you want to build a house, build your house only after 55 years of your age. Similarly, if Saturn is in food number 12, then the house will be built, and do not stop it as it is built or do not put your mind to it.

Specifications of plot according to Vastu:-

In Vastu, there are some basic things related to direction, size of the plot, type, etc., which can be useful for you

while purchasing a plot. If you purchase a land keeping in mind the principles of Vastu, then it will prove

useful and beneficial for your residence or business. We know about some such principles of Vastu:

* Always buy a big and wide plot because a narrow and long plot can cause problems

for you in the future.

Three sided plot is considered unsuitable for building construction.

It is considered auspicious to increase the length of the plot in east-west direction instead of north-south direction.

Large plot is an indicator of prosperity provided it does not contain sewerage or cracks.

It is not considered good to leave more free space towards south or north direction while

building a building or factory.

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