Akshaya Tritiya What To Donate According To The Planets

Akshaya Tritiya What to Donate according to the Planets

Those who have the state of planets in sadhe sati dhaiya Vakri or Astha planets can be pleased with special donations on the day of Akshaya Tritiya. Read below for more information by the famous astrologer in Delhi

Surya as jaggery lotus red cloth red sandalwood copper ruby wheat.
Moon as White objects white clothes rice sandalwood ghee curd pearls silver.
Mercury as bronze green cloth ghee moong emerald.
Guru as Yellow items Clothing gram dal yellow fruits topaz honey books.
Venus as White goods Clothing sandalwood curd ghee silver diamond rhinestone.
Mangal as Red Clothing Goods Jaggery Masoor Dal Copper Coral Red Sandalwood.
Saturn as Black things Clothing iron sesame oil urad.
Rahu as Blue objects Clothing oil lead iron onyx.
Ketu as Black objects Sesame oil iron.
On this day Brahmins and your girls should deal with a meal and food donation etc are very important.

You must also be careful and make sure that you dont donate to the following people or else your donations will go in vain.

We all know the glory of charity but it is described in the Puranas that there are nine types of people who should never be given charity. If given it will go in vain. So avoid giving anything to these nine people and if you have given then assume that it will go in vain.

Know which are the nine types of persons where your donations will fail as per the best astrologer in Delhi

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