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Rishabh Khanduri
Rishabh Khanduri
New Delhi

Language: English Hindi Sanskrit Pahadhi

Experiance: 0 - 2 years

Call Price: 9 / Minute

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Raakesh Desai
Raakesh Desai

Language: English Hindi Marathi

Experiance: 5 - 10 years

Call Price: 16 / Minute

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Brijraj Gautam
Brijraj Gautam

Language: English Hindi

Experiance: 10 years and above

Call Price: 15 / Minute

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Prateek Kapoor
Prateek Kapoor
New Delhi

Language: English Hindi

Experiance: 10 years and above

Call Price: 70 / Minute

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Manish Chaubey
Manish Chaubey
Noida Gaur City2

Language: Hindi Bengali Sanskrit

Experiance: 10 years and above

Call Price: 9 / Minute

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Jayakumar Sastri
Jayakumar Sastri
Chennai, Tamilnadu State

Language: English Sanskrit Tamil

Experiance: 10 years and above

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Ranjeet Jha
Ranjeet Jha

Language: Hindi Sanskrit

Experiance: 10 years and above

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Vastu for Wealth: Designing Your Space to Attract Prosperity 


Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science of architecture and design, is based on the principles of energy flow and harmony between nature, humans, and the built environment. The word "Vastu" means dwelling or building in Sanskrit, while "Shastra" refers to the study or theory. Vastu is considered an important aspect of Indian culture that has been used for centuries to enhance the quality of life by creating a harmonious balance between individuals and their surroundings. 


Definition of Vastu and its significance in Indian culture 


Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture that originated in India over 5,000 years ago. It is based on the principle that every living or non-living thing has energy associated with it. Vastu Shastra lays down guidelines on how to design buildings to maximize the flow of positive energy within them. 


This ancient science encompasses various principles that include orientation, proportionality, directional alignments, elemental influences, and astrological aspects. Architects and designers use this knowledge to create spaces that promote health, wealth, prosperity, happiness, love and success. 


Brief explanation of the concept of wealth in Vastu 


In Vastu Shastra philosophy wealth is not just about money but about abundance in all areas of life including material possessions like property/land or jewelry as well as good health; happiness; good relationships etc. When designing spaces with Vastu principles in mind one can use elemental influences such as water features (fountains /aquariums) or earth element materials (bricks/stone) for foundations; 


which are believed to bring prosperity into homes/offices by creating a harmonious energy flow within them. Proper orientation also plays a crucial role in attracting wealth, determining where specific rooms are placed based on the direction and the elements that correspond to that particular area. 


The concept of wealth in Vastu is deeply rooted in its belief that one's environment can significantly impact their well-being and success, which is why it's important to design spaces with this principle in mind.


Understanding the Elements of Vastu for Wealth


The principles of Vastu Shastra suggest that every object and structure around us possesses energy, and the way it is placed or constructed can affect the flow of energy. It plays a crucial role in determining many aspects of our life, including wealth. Here are some essential elements to understand when applying Vastu for wealth: 


Importance of direction and placement in Vastu for wealth


The direction and placement of rooms, furniture, or objects in your home or workplace play a significant role in attracting wealth as per Vastu Shastra. For instance, North is associated with Kuber (the god of wealth) and is considered an auspicious direction to keep your safe or vault. Similarly, east-facing entrance doors are believed to attract positive energy associated with Jupiter planet which governs monetary gains. 


It's crucial to place objects according to their significance as per Vastu principles. For instance, having cash boxes facing towards north while working not only provides security but also attracts abundance. 


The role of colors, shapes, and materials in attracting wealth


Colors can influence our mood and emotions; they also possess specific energies that can impact our well-being. Certain colors such as blue or green signify growth while gold connects with luxury; red symbolizes power. 


Shapes too hold significant importance when it comes to attracting prosperity via vastu shastra - cubical shapes generate stability whereas spherical shapes promote harmony. Materials used also play a major role: gold is known for bringing abundance but should be used wisely due to its value; silver enhances financial stability. 


The significance of the five elements (Panchabhootas) in Vastu for wealth


Panchabhootas refers to the five basic elements- Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether – which govern the entire universe's existence, as per Vastu Shastra. Earth element signifies stability, and having a well-constructed foundation or base to your home or workplace ensures financial security. 


Water has a direct relation to cash flow and can be incorporated in various forms such as fountains or aquariums. Similarly, fire represents energy and can be used through lighting features that provide warmth. 


Air promotes positivity and purity - proper ventilation helps regulate home energy levels. Ether signifies space and provides room for growth opportunities in life. 


Incorporating Vastu Guidelines into Your Home or Workplace


Once you have a basic understanding of the principles of Vastu for wealth, it is essential to apply those concepts to your living or work environment. Creating an environment that promotes prosperity can be achieved by proper planning and designing, which includes the selection of furniture, colors, and lighting. 


Tips for designing a home or workspace that promotes prosperity


The placement of furniture in every room plays a vital role in following Vastu principles. For instance, it is recommended to place desks and chairs such that they face the northeast direction while working in your office space. Additionally, having indoor plants and natural light sources like windows can also improve the flow of positive energy associated with wealth. 


Best directions for different rooms and areas within your home or workplace


Vastu recommends specific directions for different rooms in your house based on their purpose. For example: 


The south-east direction is ideal for a kitchen as it represents fire elements and helps attract good health and wealth.

The north-west direction is suitable for guest rooms because it brings financial benefits.

The north-east direction should be maintained clean and clutter-free since it represents water elements associated with purity.


Remedies for common Vastu defects that hinder wealth accumulation


In some cases, certain Vastu defects may lead to hindrances in wealth accumulation due to negative energy flow. Such flaws can include improper placement of mirrors or having cluttered spaces leading to stagnant energy flow within the area. 


Some simple remedies include


Purifying space with sea salt spray.

Placing crystals near electronics such as computers.

Keeping the entrance clean and bright.

By following these tips for applying Vastu principles to your home or workplace, you can create an environment that promotes positive energy and attracts wealth and prosperity. 


It is important to note that one should always consult a Vastu expert before commencing any significant changes as the principles of Vastu are complex, and their application should be done with caution. 


Specific Techniques and Rituals to Attract Wealth through Vastu


Use of Symbols, Yantras, and Mantras to Enhance Positive Energy Flow


In Vastu, symbols, yantras, and mantras are used to help channel positive energy towards attracting wealth. These objects can be placed in strategic locations around your home or workplace to promote abundance. The use of symbols such as the Swastika or the Sri Yantra can create a positive influence on your consciousness and help you attract wealth. 


Mantras or chants can also be used to enhance positive energy flow. Om Shreem Hreem is a powerful mantra for attracting wealth. 


You can recite this chant while meditating in front of your altar or just before you start your day. Yantras are also effective tools for attracting wealth. 


These geometric shapes represent different aspects of the universe and are believed to have cosmic powers that can be harnessed for personal gain. The Kubera Yantra is particularly effective when it comes to attracting wealth. 


Importance of Lighting and Aroma Therapy in Creating a Conducive Environment for Prosperity


The right lighting is crucial when it comes to creating an environment that promotes prosperity. Soft lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere that helps reduce stress levels, making it easier for you to focus on attracting wealth into your life. 


On the other hand, bright lights can cause anxiety and make it difficult for you to relax. Aroma therapy is another important aspect that plays an essential role in creating a conducive environment for prosperity. 


Essential oils like cinnamon, peppermint, lavender, sandalwood, and frankincense are believed to have properties that promote abundance and well-being. By infusing these oils into your living space using diffusers or by burning incense sticks or candles containing these scents, you create an environment with positive vibrations that can help you attract wealth, prosperity, and happiness. 


Incorporating Water Features Such as Fountains or Aquariums to Attract Abundance


Water features such as fountains or aquariums can be used to attract abundance in your home or workplace. Vastu experts believe that the sound of water helps create positive vibrations that can help attract wealth into your life. 


Fountains with flowing water, aquariums with colorful fish, and indoor waterfalls are all examples of water features that can be used in Vastu to attract abundance. However, it is essential to keep the water feature clean and well-maintained at all times as dirty or stagnant water can have adverse effects on the flow of positive energy in your living space. 


Incorporating specific techniques and rituals such as yantras, mantras, lighting, aroma therapy, and water features into your daily routine can help enhance positive energy flow and promote abundance in your life. By following these practices consistently with an open mind and a positive attitude towards attracting wealth into your life through Vastu principles will undoubtedly yield significant results over time. 




Recapitulation on how following vastu principles can bring about financial stability and abundance in life.


Vastu for wealth is a powerful tool that can help create a nurturing environment of positivity and growth. By aligning your living or workspace with the principles of Vastu, you can attract positive energy that promotes financial stability and abundance.


The proper application of Vastu principles can also help avoid common defects that hinder wealth accumulation. From direction and placement to colors and shapes, every aspect of your environment plays an essential role in ensuring the flow of wealth. 


Final thoughts on how one can integrate these principles into their daily lives to achieve greater success


To achieve greater success in life, it is essential to integrate the principles of Vastu into your daily routine. Start by analyzing your living or workspace's current state, identify any defects that may be blocking the flow of positive energy or creating obstacles to prosperity, and implement the necessary remedies. 


Make conscious choices about colors, shapes, materials used within your space while maintaining cleanliness and organization whenever possible. Moreover, incorporating rituals such as lighting incense or candles during a meditation session or placing symbols like gems or crystals around one's space can enhance the positive vibrations around. 


Also it's important to maintain an optimistic outlook towards life leading one towards great success. By following these steps consistently over time with patience & persistence while staying true to oneself will result in enhanced personal satisfaction along with abundance in all areas including wealth! 


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):


[1] Can Vastu for wealth guarantee instant financial success?

Vastu for wealth is a holistic approach that enhances positive energy flow and creates favorable conditions for financial growth. It works in conjunction with personal efforts and prudent financial management.


[2] Do I need to make extensive architectural changes to implement Vastu for wealth?

Vastu principles can be applied at various levels, ranging from simple adjustments in decor and placement to more significant architectural considerations. The extent of changes depends on individual circumstances and goals.


[3] Is Vastu for wealth limited to specific cultural or religious beliefs?

Vastu for wealth is a universal principle based on energy alignment and does not have specific cultural or religious limitations. It can be applied by individuals from diverse backgrounds seeking financial abundance.


[4] Can Vastu for wealth benefit businesses and entrepreneurs?

Yes, Vastu principles can be applied to commercial spaces and business establishments, offering support for financial growth, customer attraction, and overall success.


[5] How long does it take to experience the effects of Vastu for wealth?

The timeline for experiencing the effects of Vastu for wealth varies for each individual and situation. Patience and consistent alignment with Vastu principles, along with positive actions, can accelerate the manifestation of desired financial outcomes.

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