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Know the complete method of fasting and worshiping Mangala Gauri

As many Tuesdays come in the month of Shravan (Sawan), there is a law to fast and worship Mangala Gauri on that many Tuesdays. Mangala Gauri Vrat is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati.

Mangla Gauri Vrat

According to Hindu beliefs, this fast is observed by married women for their unbroken marriage. Newly married women observe this fast and worship for the first five years of marriage. Women also observe this fast for the long life of their husbands and for the prosperity of their family. By fasting and worshiping Mangala Gauri in the month of Shravan, the fasting woman gets prosperity in every aspect of life and happiness in married life. They get wealth, obedient children and a happy family.

Method of Mangala Gauri Vrat

Every married woman should observe this fast for the prosperity of her family and long life of her husband. Especially a newly married woman must observe this fast. The woman who cannot fast must do this worship.

• Wake up early in the morning and take a bath with your head.

• Place two mats at the place of worship, spread a white cloth on one of them and red cloth on the other.

• Then make nine heaps of rice on a white cloth and sixteen heaps of wheat on a red cloth.

• Then install the idol of Ganesha by placing some rice on another plate and place a copper urn on top of it by placing some wheat nearby.

• Make a four-faced lamp of flour and light it by making four lights of 16-16 strings of yarn.

• Take a resolution before worship and worship Lord Ganesha first.

• Then offer water, panchamrit, sandalwood, vermilion, roli, molly, rice, janeu, flowers, belpatra, prasad, fruits, five dry fruits, betel leaves, betel nut, cloves, cardamom, dakshina, gulal etc. and then light sixteen incense sticks.

• Then worship the copper urn and then fill water in the urn. After that, put five mango leaves in it, put a betel nut, put Pancharatna, put some soil and Dakshina.

• After that put some rice in a lid and keep it on the urn and tie some grass in a red cloth and keep it on that lid.

• Worship the Kalash in the same way as you worshiped Ganesha. But don't offer vermilion and belpatra in the Kalash. After this, worship nine piles of rice placed on a white cloth considering them as nine planets, worship them in the same way as you worshiped the Kalash.

• Put sixteen heaps of wheat on a red cloth and worship them considering them as Shodas Matrika. Offer turmeric, henna, vermilion on them but don't offer Janeu.

• After that offer everything together to the Gods and Goddesses.

• After that apply Panditji's Tilak and tie Molly, then get Panditji apply your Tilak and tie Molly.

• Now for worshiping Mangala Gauri, place a plate on one corner, place chakla on it. Place a cob made of flour near the chakla. Then install Mangala Gauri on that wheel by making Gangaji's soil (or adding a little Ganges water to the soil).

• After establishing Mangala Gauri, bathe Mangala Gauri with water, ghee, milk, curd, sugar, honey, panchamrit. Then dress them in clothes and wear naths.

• After that apply turmeric, vermilion, roli, rice, sandalwood, henna, kajal.

• After that offer sixteen things to Mata ji. Sixteen garlands, sixteen laddoos (of flour), sixteen fruits, 5 types of nuts at sixteen places, cereals at sixteen places, cumin seeds at sixteen places, coriander seeds at sixteen places, sixteen betel leaves, sixteen betel nuts, sixteen cloves, sixteen cardamom, Offer sixteen suhag pitari to Mata ji.

• Offer blouse, roli, makeup items (henna, kajal, vermilion, comb, mirror, 16 bangles) in Suhag Pitari, and Dakshina as per your wish.

• Recite Mangala Gauri Strotram.

• After then, hear Mangala Gauri's narrative. After listening to the story, make sixteen lamps of flour, make sixteen lights of sixteen strings of yarn, keep camphor in it, perform aarti and then circumambulate.

• After all this, take out sixteen dough balls and give them to your mother-in-law and take blessings by touching her feet.

• Eat food after giving Bayana. Eat only one type of grain items.

• Do not eat salt in this fast.

• Immerse Mangala Gauri in the morning on the next day i.e. Wednesday. Even on this day, eat food only after immersion.

Pooja Vidhi Mangala Gowri

During the Mangala Gowri Pooja, 16 items and cosmetics used by married ladies (suhagan) have special significance. Let's start with the samagri that is necessary for the ritual. You must adhere to particular rituals every Tuesday of Sawan in order to worship Goddess Gaura, and you must use the following objects, or samagri, to do so:

(1) After taking a bath, dress in clean, new clothes and get up early in the Brahma Muhurta.

(2) Place the altar and sit with your back to the East. Place the white cloth and nine miniature piles of rice on one half of the altar. Place the red fabric and 16 tiny piles of wheat on the other half.

(3) After creating a Swastika on the betel leaf, position the Ganesha idol over some rice that has been placed separately on the pedestal. Place some wheat on top of them and cover them in the same manner. A coconut should be placed on top of five betel leaves in the pot. Finally, set the wheat dough diya (lamp) on the altar and light the four 16-strand wicks.

(4) Before beginning any auspicious devotion, first worship Lord Ganesha, who should always be revered first. Offer Janeu (symbolic of garments) and roli-rice and vermilion. Respect the diya and the Kalash in a similar way. Then, worship the 16 piles of wheat as the sixteen incarnations of the Goddess and the nine heaps of rice as the Navagraha (nine planets).

(5) Create an idol of Goddess Gauri using the pure and holy clay on a tray. Now resolve the fast by reciting the following mantra with a pure heart filled with devotion:

(6) With the utmost devotion, place the idol on the altar and perform its Abhishek using Panchamrit, milk, and pure water. Finally, adorn the Goddess in the appropriate attire.

(7) After that, give her the 16 bouquets of flowers, garlands, fruits, leaves, wheat-based ladoos flavoured with cardamom, cloves, and Panchmeva, as well as betel leaves and betel nuts (5 types of dry fruits).

(8) After reading the entire Mangla Gauri vrat Katha (story), perform the aarti. Every Wednesday, when the fast is over, do the Gauri Visarjan in a lake, pond, or river with a sincere heart and lots of devotion.

9) Complete the fast with udyapan in accordance with your commitment or resolution. On the final Tuesday of your resolution period, perform the Havan with your complete family after performing the Mangala Gowri Pooja as previously indicated. After then, under the direction of an experienced priest, give bhojan (meal) to 16 married women while adhering to the correct rites.