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Vastu for factory

Take these architectural flaws from the factory.

Sanatan is the practise of Vastu. It had, of course, vanished from view for a while, but today, without a shadow of a doubt, it has regained its full youth. Modern industrialisation has brought about a lot of developments, which also lead to a lot of issues.

This also affects industrial businesses, such as factories. Many factories are shut down after a few years of operation, yet thank

s to the use of Vastu principles, many continue to operate and provide advantages.

Whatever the sector, it ought to continue. Any industry can be established quickly, but maintaining a steady flow of business is exceedingly challenging. What could be more perplexing than this if, despite spending millions of dollars, the factory continues to lose money or shuts down?

Several factories are about to close today as a result of the disregard for Vastu faults. Some of them are either no longer operating or those that remain are just coming to the end of their term.

Whatever the initial source, it ends up being a Vastu flaw. In the future, if you already have a factory or are striving to build one, you can profit from it by adhering to the Vastu principles.

It is crucial to remember that the building should be done in accordance with Vastu Purush's state. The plot can turn out to be beneficial with such a setup. Vastu Purush should be visualised as a man lying face down in an industrial plot with his feet towards south-west and his face in the north-east (North-East) (South-West). Vastu Purush has arms and shoulders that are connected to Agneya angle and face Vayavya angle (North-West) (East-South).

On the basis of this Vastu Purush, the factory that will be erected on the plot should organise the office, equipment, platform, heater, boiler, chimney, cash counter, tank, etc. in accordance with Vastu. so that it can completely profit from it.

Here, we'll pay particular attention to two factory-related situations. One is a factory that will be constructed, and the other is one that has already been constructed.

Let's start by thinking about the factory's structure on the construction site.

Size of the construction site

The factory or manufacturing plot should be shaped like a square, rectangle, or lion's face. If not, there could be a manufacturing defect.


1. From Northeast (South-West) to Northeast should be the factory plot's slope (North-East).

2. If the plant is located in a location with tall buildings in the southwest, an open, sloping, wide road in the north and east, or a waterway, this is a very fortunate location.

3. Another important consideration is that the northeast angle shouldn't be too high. Nothing unnecessary or trashy should be present here. How pristine will this location be? The story will turn out to be similarly successful.

4. The presence of a wall around the area is crucial. The east-north wall ought to be higher than the south-west wall.

Work in construction

1 If development is taking place in the east and north, there should be more open space built in those directions than in the south and west.

2. If a plot faces west and you are planning to build on it, leave no empty area facing west. There shouldn't be any slopes or tendencies to the south or north.

There shouldn't be a balcony or verandah facing south if you're planning to build there.


The manufacturing building's primary entrance should be in the east, north, and north. This is in excellent shape. The north direction, which is under Kubera's dominion, is seen as leading to the most advantageous entryway.

The entrance should be in the centre of the plot if you are building on a south-facing plot.

Two locations in the facility should have gates installed to allow for the movement of large vehicles. North or west should be the direction of the departure gate.

It is significant to notice that making the factory's main gate windy or igneous in the east is inappropriate.

Skieslights and Windows

1. As many windows and skylights as possible should be made facing north and east throughout the factory.

2. The wall should have these windows lined up in the same direction.

3. There should be an even number of windows that all open outward. Two pallas are thought to have been used to pave the windows.

Administrative Department

In the factory, arrangements must be made by personnel. Because the responsibility for managing the entire plant rests on their shoulders, the preparations for the office should be made with great care. Arrangements for an administrative office include the following:

1. The factory's administration building ought to face either east or north.

2. In this, the location of the factory's owner should face south, west, or north.

3. The plant owner should be as far to the east as feasible. If the east cannot be completed, it can also be completed in the north.

4. Behind the owner's seat, there must be an image of the reigning deity. If there is a flaw of any type in his office, this will fix them all.

5. The north-east corner of the office must be designated as the location of the presiding god. Keep a container full of water there if you can, and daily replenish it with fresh water.

Manager's office

If a manager's room is possible, it should only be on the southeast corner.

Placement should be close to the owner's bedroom. Also possible are the north and east. The manager should be seated in the meeting area facing east. The visitor's face should always be turned south or west whenever he arrives.

Accounting & Tech Room

The accountant's office needs to be at the igneous angle and facing north. The almirah in the room's northeast corner should contain all of the accounting-related paperwork.

Field Personnel

Field personnel should only be assigned a spot in the west angle while they are working outside the factory. They won't be able to remain still if you keep them here, which will speed up your field job.

Employment Status

The workers are the heart and soul of the factory, or rather, the most vital link. We should pay close attention to their condition because if their mind and mind are in excellent shape, the output of goods will also be fine and the factory's earnings will increase.

1. Position the industrial workers so that they are facing either north or east.

2. Never force the craftspeople to stand beneath the beam. Otherwise, they won't have a healthy mental balance and won't be able to function well under pressure, which will have a smaller impact on output.

3. The beam needs to be cut down if the workers are tripping over it.

4. If an employee is bothering you and you want to get rid of him, make him work in the west facing south. After a few days, he will depart.

5. It should be kept towards north or east if you want to keep it regular.

Fire Plant

Electric poles, generators, transformers, boilers, and other structures should all face the igneous direction. Additionally, the chimney should face east toward the igneous direction. If this isn't an option, it can also be positioned in the west angle.


Maintain heavy equipment in the southern section and light equipment in the northern section. If there are machinery underground, they ought to be placed in the eastern or northern section. It would be ideal to install electrical motor, switch, and other equipment in each room at the appropriate angle of the room in addition to the machines.


Defective machines should be kept in the igneous angle if there is any kind of factory servicing work going on. It is also possible to keep it in the western or eastern portion.

Evaluation of Commodities

Many workers and employees rely on any industry for their living, which is derived from whatever products are produced in the workplace. For this reason, raw materials and finished products should be handled and evacuated carefully in accordance with Vastu, since if there is a delay in their clearing right away following the creation of the goods, then the financial system is disrupted and the issue of storage also emerges. develops | The following considerations need special consideration in this regard.

1. It is recommended to store bulky raw materials and semi-finished products in the southeast. Additionally, it may be kept in the northern region.

2. The finished products should always be stored facing west. The things are swiftly sold by remaining here.

3. Products made in the Northeast, Northeast, and in the middle should never be stored.

4. It is recommended that production of commodities begin in the south-west and clearance begin in the north-east.

Packaging Area

The packaging room is where the parts must be arranged after being manufactured, given a commodity-like form, and shipped outside for sale. North or east should be the direction in which this room is built.

Water Supply

The factory's water system plays a crucial role. Water should therefore always be placed in the appropriate location. In the industry, water placement should be in the north. It can be done in the east or the north, but a well or a tube well is required. built-in aerial for the tank.

Drainage of contaminated water

It is crucial that contaminated water does not concentrate in the north-east of the facility and that it drains and flows toward the east, north, or north-east. If a factory is to be built to purify contaminated water, it should only be built in the north or east.


The igneous or ventilated area should be used to build the toilet. The northeast should never be used to build toilets.


Make parking arrangements for vehicles in East Agney and North Vayavya.


If a gate is in the eastern section, a guardroom should be in the southern section, and if a door is in the northern section, a guardroom should be in the western section.


Plantings for lawn and small gardens ought to be done in the east or north. The south and west halves of the plot should be planted with large trees.

Vastu flaws and their correction in the factory that produces goods

This is the layout of the plant that is currently being built. Now let's talk about factories that have already been constructed and are likely to be flawed as well. The following actions can be taken to eliminate flaws in a factory if it is not producing the optimal outcomes despite full effort or wise investment:


One is considered to be in God's hands if they are not in anyone's bus. A modest temple needs to be built in the northwest corner of the manufacturing plot because even though a plot may have several flaws, if God lives there, that plot becomes absolutely free of flaws. However, after the temple is erected, particular attention should be given for worship and preservation, regardless of the presiding god of the factory owner. It has frequently been noted that the person is slow.

They succeed in having the temple erected, but they continue to lack in their worship. In the temple, there should be appropriate arrangements for worship. Regular worship there not only strengthens the tendency toward spirituality but also gets rid of any plot flaws that may be present.

Formational flaws and fixes for them

1. The plot should be fixed as much as feasible if it has any size-related flaws. Alternately, a wall of a hedge (special plant) could be built, providing both the pleasure of greenery and the elimination of the flaw.

2. If the north side of the plot is cut off, a defect will result and the water issue will persist in that location.

3. Ishaan needs to be educated. The landowner will never achieve spiritual success if Ishaan is little. On the eastern northeast wall, a life-size mirror needs to be put in place to make this right. It is important to keep in mind that there shouldn't be any heavy objects directly across from this mirror.

4. Light pots or green trees ought to be kept in this position. This wall should be painted white.

5. Placing heavy pots, dirt, and bricks in the southern part will fix the problem if the southern part is low and the northern part is high. The mirror should also be positioned on the ground in the northeast so that the sky element can be seen there.

6. A red colour should be applied on the defect and a red-colored bulb should always be kept illuminated if it is related to the igneous angle.

Troubleshooting of doors

1. The entrance should always be substantial. If it isn't there, it should be surrounded by images of flowers and foliage to make it appear larger.

2. If there are more than two gates in a straight line, the door in the midst of the row should always be kept closed and the auspicious symbol "Swastika" or "Om" should be placed there.

3. If the building's main gate is in the south, Ganpati with the right trunk should be placed at the home's southern main gate in order to receive its fortunate effects.

4. The area just in front of the door should not have any perforations. If so, a hedge wall needs to be built a distance away.

Troubleshooting a toilet

The toilet should be placed in a spacious area. It is also rumoured to be covered with fire, but in that case, the kitchen ought to be above ground. The construction of a toilet in the northeast will result in a dangerous situation. The factory's owner will continually be ill, and there will be several issues with the finances and the staff. In this case, the toilet should be taken out of the area, and clean dirt should be added until it measures the length of a man. An image of lush vegetation, including trees, should be included. Put a picture of a battling lion inside the toilet if it cannot be removed from the location, and usage should cease.

Troubleshooting for accidents

If accidents, production halts, and fires occur frequently in your factory, check to make sure that the fire or power plant is not located in the Vayavya, Northeast, or Northeast angle. If it is, remove it right away and relocate it to the igneous angle. retain it They ought to be taken out of the angle and put in any direction in the centre.