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Materials for Construction and Vastu Shastra

Any building's construction requires a lot of materials. These materials include wood, stone, cement, iron, and brick. Vastu Shastra provides a thorough explanation of how various materials should be used. According to Vastu Shastra, using natural materials is preferable to using artificial or synthetic ones. The building's energy flow is significantly influenced by these building elements.

Paint of Plastic:

By painting homes with plastic paint, a layer of plastic is applied to every wall, preventing the exchange of outside air with the interior of the structure. This makes that home or space resemble a plastic bag. Additionally, the formaldehyde included in attractive plastic paint also contributes to a number of illnesses. Utilizing water paint is preferable.


It is widely used throughout the entire house, including the kitchen, but because it is a replica of a radioactive crystal, the amount of harmful alpha, beta, and gamma radiation is very high. Not all stone is undesirable. You can use such granites for building if their alpha, beta, and gamma radiation levels are less than 15 cpm.

Plaster of Paris:

This building material emits a bad ray. The use of it stresses out the human system mentally.

A sheet of asbestos:

This material's fibres break down in the air due to air friction, and they can enter the lungs by inhalation and result in lung illnesses. Due to the use of this material, cancer may potentially be a possibility.

From wall to wall carpeting:

As a result, the carpet contains millions of hidden mould and other germs that disperse in the air, enter the body through the air, and cause asthma.

Electrical components:

Electrical materials of all prices are readily available on the market nowadays. The general population only purchases these materials because of their inexpensive cost; few people, however, doubtless consider the products' quality. It is important to be aware of the electromagnetic field that these materials produce since it directly affects the human body. Utilize electrical components with the lowest radiation field.


Walking on a plastic carpet or sheet causes positive ions to be produced on the feet. These positive ions attract the negative ions in the environment and combine with them. Negative ions in the atmosphere are reduced as a result. The use of such dangerous compounds should either be outlawed or come with a legal warning that it is harmful, as it should be reminded that negative ions are necessary for the health of the human system.

Bug killers:

Third world nations currently utilise 45 percent of the pesticides and insecticides produced worldwide. Our nation uses about 75,000 tonnes of insecticides annually. Along with fruits and vegetables, these foods enter our bodies and contribute to a variety of ailments.

As technology has advanced, a variety of synthetic building materials are now readily available on the market, and city residents use these ground-breaking materials extensively. The general population is uninformed of the negative impacts of these materials, despite the fact that they are simple to use and have an attractive appearance.

Regardless, it can be very challenging for the average person to determine which building materials would be good for him or his family and which ones will be bad for them, but Vastu science provides clear guidelines for choosing building materials. Many common materials are harmful to the occupants of that house in many ways, according to discoveries made in western nations.

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  • August 16, 2022

Building Materials and Vastu ShastraMany materials are required for the construction of any building. These include brick, iron, cement, stone, wood etc. A detailed description of the use of different materials is found in Vastu Shastra. In Vastu Shastra, the use of natural materials is said to be good while artificial or synthetic materials are bad. These building materials also play an important role in the energy flow of the building.Plastic paint: - By applying plastic paint on the walls....