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Tarot Card Reading Experts In India 


Tarot card reading is an ancient practice that has been embraced by millions around the world. It is an art of divination that involves the use of a deck of 78 cards, each with its unique symbolism, to gain insights into the past, present, and future. The cards are shuffled and laid out in a specific pattern or spread, and the reader interprets their meaning based on their position in the spread and their relationship to each other. 


The Importance of Tarot Card Reading in India 


India has always had a deep connection with mysticism and spirituality. Tarot card reading has become increasingly popular over the years as Indians seek alternative methods for gaining insight into their lives. 


People turn to tarot readers for guidance on matters of love, career, health, and more. The practice has gained immense popularity among celebrities as well who have publicly acknowledged its role in shaping their lives. 


A Brief History of Tarot Card Reading in India 


While tarot card reading is believed to have originated in Italy during the Renaissance period, its arrival in India is shrouded in mystery. Some scholars claim that tarot was introduced to India by British colonizers during colonial rule while others believe that it was brought to India by gypsies who migrated from Europe centuries ago. 


Today, there are many renowned tarot card readers across India who have mastered this mystical art. These experts are sought after for guidance not only by locals but also people from all around the world who seek their services remotely through various digital platforms. 


Top Tarot Card Reading Experts in India


Shweta Kapoor 


Shweta Kapoor is one of the leading Tarot card readers in India, with over 10 years of experience. She began her journey as a Tarot card reader in Delhi and has since then, conducted over 5000 readings for clients from all walks of life. 


Shweta completed her Masters degree in Psychology and English Literature before pursuing her passion for Tarot card reading. Shweta specializes in providing guidance on love, career, finance and personal growth through her readings. 


She is known for her intuitive approach and uses a combination of Tarot cards, angel cards and meditation during her sessions. Shweta has been featured on various TV shows and publications as an expert on Tarot card reading. 


Clients have praised Shweta's ability to provide accurate predictions while also providing practical advice that can be implemented immediately. Many have reported significant positive changes after seeking guidance from Shweta. 


Anubha Gupta


Anubha Gupta is a highly respected name in the field of astrology and tarot card reading. With over 15 years of experience, she has helped thousands of people find clarity and direction in their lives through her expertise. 


Anubha holds a degree in Astrology from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS) and has completed advanced courses in tarot card reading under some well-known practitioners. Anubha's specialization lies in using both astrology and tarot cards to provide accurate guidance to clients on their personal or professional matters. 


Clients have often praised Anubha's ability to provide insightful readings that are empowering yet realistic at the same time. Her knowledge about different aspects such as the chakras, the zodiac and numerology adds a nuanced perspective to her readings. 


Drishti Khanna


Drishti Khanna is one of the youngest and most talented tarot card readers in India. Despite her age, Drishti has received recognition from various clients for her accuracy and ability to offer practical solutions through her readings. Drishti holds a degree in Psychology from Delhi University and has been practicing Tarot card reading for over 5 years. 


Drishti's specialization lies in using Tarot cards to provide guidance on specific areas such as relationships, career or personal growth. Her approach is intuitive and empathetic which makes her clients feel comfortable sharing their concerns with her. 


Clients have often praised Drishti's ability to provide clarity on complex situations while also providing actionable steps towards progress. Her clients have reported significant improvements in their lives after following the advice provided by Drishti during their sessions. 


Overall, these three Tarot card reading experts are some of the top practitioners in India that have helped numerous people find direction and clarity in their lives. Their expertise, combined with their intuition and empathy make them some of the most sought-after Tarot card readers in India today. 


Tarot Cards Used by the Experts


Major Arcana Cards: The Soul of Tarot


The Major Arcana cards are the most recognizable and significant of all Tarot cards, and they represent the soul of the Tarot. There are 22 cards in this set, with each card signifying a major event or archetypal energy in our lives. The Major Arcana cards deal with significant life changes, and they can provide guidance when we face important decisions. 


Some of the common Major Arcana cards that a Tarot Card Reader may use while reading for clients include The Fool which represents new beginnings and opportunity, The Magician which signifies personal power and manifestation, The High Priestess which symbolizes intuition and inner knowledge. These powerful cards offer deep insight into life events and can guide us towards making informed decisions. 


Minor Arcana Cards: Everyday Life Situations


Minor Arcana Cards are divided into four suits—Wands, Cups, Swords & Pentacles- each having 14 cards (1-10 + Ace + Court Cards). These Minor Arcanas represent everyday situations in our lives rather than life-changing events like Major Arcanas. They give us deeper insights into how to navigate through daily challenges. 


The Wands signify passion, creativity or career pursuits; Cups symbolize emotions; Swords denote conflicts or challenges; Pentacles signify finances. Each suit has its own unique meanings but they still influence how we approach different everyday situations. 


Tarot Card Reading Experts use both Major & Minor Arcanas to interpret a spread as a whole. They read each card individually for its meaning within the spread while taking into account its directionality (upright/reversed) to paint an accurate picture of client’s life events. 


How to Choose the Right Tarot Card Reader in India


Factors to consider while choosing a tarot card reader


Tarot card reading is an ancient practice that requires a highly skilled and experienced professional to perform it. With so many tarot card readers in India, it's important to know how to choose the right one for you. Here are some factors that you should consider when choosing a tarot card reader: 


Experience and expertise


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a tarot card reader is their experience and expertise. It's essential to choose a reader who has spent years studying and practicing their craft. 


Look for someone who has been doing this professionally for at least five years or more. The more experience they have, the better they will be at interpreting the cards accurately. 




It's also essential to look for a professional who has proper credentials and training in tarot reading. This means someone who has completed an accredited course or certification program in this field. A certified tarot card reader will have gained knowledge of various spreads, layouts, interpretations, symbols, and meanings associated with each card. 


Testimonials from previous clients


Another important factor is checking testimonials from previous clients before finalizing any expert. Customer reviews can give you valuable insight into what kind of experience others have had with them. It would help if you looked for both positive and negative feedback as this can give you an idea of what kind of reading style they use. 


Fee structure


Don't forget about the fee structure when selecting your Tarot Card Reader in India. Rates can vary widely based on location, level of expertise and length of sessions offered by each expert – hourly or per session basis etc., so make sure you ask before committing yourself. It's not always true that the most expensive reader is the best, so do your research and find someone whose prices are reasonable and affordable for you. 


Choosing a tarot card reader is a personal decision, and you need to do your research before selecting an expert in India. By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision that will help ensure you get the most accurate and insightful reading possible. 




Summary of the importance of Tarot Card Reading in India


Tarot Card Reading is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to provide spiritual guidance, clarity and insight into one's life. The importance of Tarot Card Reading in India cannot be overstated as it has become a popular form of divination and self-exploration. 


Many people are turning to Tarot Cards to gain deeper insights into their lives and the world around them. With the help of expert Tarot Card readers, individuals can uncover hidden truths about themselves, identify obstacles they may be facing and discover new paths towards self-discovery. An Optimistic Spin on the Material


Tarot card reading is more than just a mystical art form; it can offer individuals a greater sense of clarity and direction in their lives. The experts mentioned in this article have dedicated their lives to helping others find answers, guidance, and solace through tarot card readings. 


By tapping into one's inner wisdom through tarot readings, people can gain valuable insights into their life journey and find ways to navigate challenges more effectively. As an age-old practice that continues to evolve with time, tarot card reading remains an invaluable tool for anyone seeking personal growth or spiritual enlightenment. 



FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):


[1] How accurate are Tarot card readings in India?

Tarot card readings in India can provide valuable insights and guidance. However, accuracy may vary depending on factors such as the reader's expertise, intuitive abilities, and the receptiveness of the individual receiving the reading. It's important to approach Tarot readings with an open mind and understand that they offer guidance, not absolute predictions.


[2] Can Tarot card readings predict the future?

Tarot card readings are not meant to predict the future with certainty. Instead, they offer insights into current energies, patterns, and potential outcomes based on the present moment. Tarot readings empower individuals to make informed choices and shape their future through conscious decision-making.


[3] How often should one seek Tarot card readings?

The frequency of Tarot card readings is a personal choice. Some individuals may seek readings regularly for guidance and support, while others may opt for occasional sessions during significant life transitions or when seeking clarity. Trust your intuition and determine what feels right for you.


[4] Can Tarot card readings replace professional advice or therapy?

Tarot card readings complement personal growth and self-reflection but should not be a substitute for professional advice or therapy. If you require professional support, it's important to consult licensed healthcare practitioners or therapists who can provide appropriate guidance and assistance.


[5]How can I find reputable Tarot card readers in India?

To find reputable Tarot card readers in India, consider seeking recommendations from trusted sources, researching online platforms that showcase reader profiles and reviews, or attending local spiritual and holistic events where Tarot readers may be present.