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Astrologer in Gokalpur delhi Vargottam Navamsa

Astrologer in Gokalpur Delhi:-Auspiciousness and in-auspiciousness of planets according to the ascendant.

Aries Ascendant:-

Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Moon are auspicious and Venus, Mercury, and Saturn are inauspicious for Aries ascendant.

Taurus Ascendant:-

Sun, Venus, Mercury are auspicious, Saturn is very auspicious and Moon, Jupiter, and Mars are inauspicious in Taurus ascendant.

Gemini Ascendant:-

Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are auspicious in Gemini ascendant. In this ascendant, Saturn is the lord of the auspicious ninth house triangle as well as the lord of the eighth house of sorrow, due to which there will be some inauspicious too.

In this, Saturn’s Mooltrikon Rashi is in the ninth house, due to which it will be considered auspicious and not inauspicious. Jupiter being the lord of two centers is with Kendradhipati defect and hence is inauspicious. Therefore, it is normal. Mars, Jupiter, and Sun are inauspicious.

Cancer Ascendant:-

Moon, Jupiter are auspicious, Mars is very auspicious and Mercury, Venus, Saturn are inauspicious in Cancer ascendant. Sun is even.

Leo Ascendant:-

Sun, Jupiter, and Mars are very auspicious in this ascendant. Mercury, Venus, Moon, and Saturn are inauspicious.

Virgo Ascendant:-

Due to Mercury, Venus being auspicious, Saturn being the fifth house-sixth in Virgo ascendant, the medium is auspicious and Mars is strongly inauspicious, Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are inauspicious.

Libra Ascendant:-

Venus, Mercury being auspicious, Saturn being the fourth lord-fifth lord in Libra ascendant is very auspicious and Sun, Guru, Mars being inauspicious, Moon being a benign planet, being the lord of the tenth house center.

Scorpio Ascendant:-

Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are auspicious in Scorpio ascendant. Saturn being the third lord and the fourth lord is the medium. Venus and Mercury are inauspicious.

Sagittarius Ascendant:-

Jupiter, Sun, and Mars are auspicious and Moon, Venus, and Saturn are inauspicious in this ascendant.

Capricorn Ascendant:-

In this ascendant, Saturn, Mercury are auspicious, Venus is very auspicious by being the lord of the fifth house- tenth center-triangle. Moon is even. Jupiter, Sun, and Mars are inauspicious.

Aquarius Ascendant:-

In this ascendant Saturn, Mercury are auspicious, Venus is very auspicious by being the lord of Chaturdesh-Navmesh Kendra-triangle. Moon, Jupiter, and Mars are inauspicious, Sun is even.

Pisces Ascendant:-

Jupiter, Mars, Moon are auspicious in Pisces ascendant. Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are inauspicious.

According to the Ascendant, the planet which is auspicious but is weak, weak, afflicted, etc. in the horoscope, then it should be strengthened by wearing gems, metals, or energized root related to that planet.

Inauspicious according to the ascendant

Astrologer in Gokalpur delhi says those planets which are inauspicious according to the ascendant, their in-auspiciousness can be reduced by donating things related to those planets, chanting mantras, chanting and reciting stotra, etc.

The planets are divided into auspicious and inauspicious categories according to the nature of the planets. Jupiter, Venus, benefic Moon, and auspiciously dominant Mercury are considered auspicious planets, and Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu are considered inauspicious.

As per Astrologer in Gokalpur delhi the Sun is the king of the planets and has been called a cruel planet. Mercury, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter are progressively auspicious, whereas Sun, Mars, Saturn, and Rahu are more and more inauspicious.

Sixth, eighth and twelfth house

The sixth, eighth and twelfth house are inauspicious (triad) houses in the twelfth house of the horoscope, in which the eighth house is the most inauspicious. Sixth to sixth – eleventh house, and from eighth to eighth third house, are considered somewhat less inauspicious.

The seventh house from the eighth to the twelfth and the third to the twelfth house is called the Marak Bhava and the Bhaves are called Marakesh.

The lords of the center are fruitless but the triangles are always auspicious.

Along with the natural benefic planet center, being the lord of the 3rd, 6th, or 11th house gives inauspicious results. In such a situation inauspicious planets give normal results.

The position of most of the auspicious and powerful planets in 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 10 houses make the native lucky. Planets placed in the 2nd and 12th house give the results of their second zodiac.

Auspicious planets retrograde give more auspicious and inauspicious planets give more bad results, if Rahu and Ketu are alone in any house, then they give the result of that house. But if it is situated in the Kendra or Trikona house, then it gives auspicious results like Yogakarak if it is in conjunction with the lord of the triangle or Kendra.


Exalted planets in the Lagna Kundli give auspicious results, and being in the same sign in the Navamsa Kundli gives the best results by becoming ‘Vargottam‘.

Strong planets are situated in the auspicious house and give more auspicious results.

The weak Moon becomes more sinful (degraded) in the signs of Mars, especially in Scorpio.

When the Moon is benefic, its inauspiciousness decreases.

Planets debilitated by locality and Moon without beneficence do not give good results.