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Astrologer in raj nagar ghaziabad Karma or luck

Astrologer in raj nagar ghaziabad on Karma or luck??? If you read this story of Vishnu, you will surely be saved.
To get rid of sufferings and troubles, Vishnu ji has given importance to the actions of human beings. According to them, your actions determine your future. It is not possible for the people who rely on luck to be saved.

A story is mentioned in the Puranas to better understand fate and karma. Once Devarshi Narad ji went to Baikunth Dham. There Narad ji said to Shri Hari, “Lord! Your influence on the earth is decreasing now. Those who follow dharma are not getting any good results, those who are committing sins are getting good.”

Then Shri Vishnu Said, “It is not like that, whatever is happening Devarshi, everything is happening through destiny.” That is justified. Narad ji said, “Righteousness are suffering and sinners are succeeding ” Vishnu ji said, “No such incident is mentioned.

” Narada said now I am coming from a forest.

There was a cow trapped in the swamp. No one was coming to save it. Then a thief passed by. Seeing the cow trapped, he did not save the cow, Rather, he crossed the swamp with his feet on it. Going ahead, the thief found a bag full of gold pieces.

With great difficulty he saved the life of the cow. But after taking the cow out of the swamp, the monk went ahead and fell into a pit. But he ran away with his feet, but there was a treasure in his luck but due to this sin, he got only a few seals.

At the same time, death was written in the fate of that monk. But due to saving the cow, his virtues increased and his death a little turned into an injury. That’s why he fell into the pit, his fate is decided by the actions of a person.

With the effect of good deeds, one can be saved from all kinds of sorrows and troubles. It is necessary for a person to keep doing good deeds because fate can be changed by karma. By the words of Vishnu ji, Narad ji came to know the way of salvation of mankind [ Astrologer in raj nagar ghaziabad ]