Astrologers In R K Puram Sector 1 Amber Upratna

Astrologers in r k puram sector 1 Amber Upratna

Astrologers in r k puram sector 1 – Wearing this gemstone increases virility

Gemology shows the way to improve physical health along with happiness, good fortune, prosperity of the wearer through various types of gems. Today we are talking about such a rare gem, which is not only lucky for a person, but also increases his virility. This is an Upratna, Kaharuva/Amber . It is also called Trinamani, Karpoor, Vrikshanirayasmani, Trinakarsha or Amber in English. It is a gem of Kaharuwa plant species.
Gum is a substance derived from the plants of very ancient times, which with the effect of time becomes hard and shiny like a stone in the earth. It also has luster like the stones of the stone caste, but it is very light in weight. This gemstone is mostly found in the Baltic Sea, Italy and Romania. It smells like camphor, hence it is also called camphor. It is also flammable. Rubbing this gemstone with a silk cloth generates electric power and attracts the straw towards itself.
Astrologers in r k puram sector 1 on Benefits of Amber stone
Wearing Kaharuva increases the virility of a person. Semen enhancer. It also benefits in heart diseases. If there is no heart disease, then wearing it reduces the risk of heart disease. Controls the uncontrolled heartbeat. Removes blood, bile, leucorrhoea, bloody piles, intestinal weakness. The wound heals quickly by curing skin diseases. It can be worn even if there is jaundice. Vaidyas also make vati from its ashes. By consuming it under his guidance, wounds of the intestines and stomach are cured. Kaharuva Vati is very effective in whooping cough, asthma and respiratory diseases, cold and flu.
Jewelery is also made from Amber stone. Wearing Kaharuva’s jewelery or garland brings happiness and prosperity. It is fortunate for women. Wearing it calms the restlessness of the mind. Mental happiness and peace are attained.
The identity of the real Kaharuwa is found in red, yellow, white color. When it is rubbed between the palms, it smells like camphor. If it is touched on hair or fiber, it attracts them like a magnet. If it is kept near a fire, it starts burning leaving behind a wax-like smell.