Best Famous Astrologer In Delhi

Best famous astrologer in Delhi

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra is the twelfth star as per best famous astrologer in delhi, while Sun is the lord of this constellation. Its first phase comes in Leo. Therefore, people of this zodiac get double the benefit of the sun.

It is the first-phase Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra by name. Know more:-

Surya Pradhan Jataka is dear to ambitious people with a very bright nature.

Sun being the principal constellation of Leo, the effect of Sun on their life is more.

Such a person will be more successful in his life if he wears rubies.

At the same time, offering sun to the Sun after seeing it in the morning will also be beneficial for them.

The best famous astrologer in delhi says that if the Sun is in the ascendant in the birth chart, if

the Ascendant is in the fourth, fifth, fifth tenth, then it will increase the impact of that house more.

Being in the Lagna, such a person can also be an influential politician of impressive nature or an

industrialist with high administrative ability. Such natives are scholars.

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra is the twelfth, while Sun is the lord of this constellation.

Its first phase comes in Leo. Therefore, people of this zodiac get double the benefit of the sun. It is the first-phase Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra by name.

They have the best quality of children. But their married life is not good, such natives should not wear ruby ​​because

the Sun will spoil more married life if it is strong. If such a person gets married to a girl with Libra or

Libra ascendant then it will be very good.

If the Sun is in the fourth house, then such people are famous among the people and get success in local politics,

but the father does not get happiness.

The people who benefit from the mother are the owners of the land building.

If the Sun of the High is in the fifth house, then learning will be good, but sometimes financial crisis will

also have to be seen. Since the Sun would have been Bhagyesh in this sense. Luckily,

his life will go on. Such natives should offer milk and sugar mixed water to Surya.

Uttara Phalguni continues……………..

If there is a sun of high in the ninth house, then such a person will get the best success, the lucky, talented,

many religious organizers of politics, but the brothers do not get happiness.

Loss sharing with friends will be avoided. In the tenth house, the Sun of exaltation benefits the father from trade.

The happiness of the house is also found late. In the eleventh house, the Sun of the High is benefited by income

from self-love. Interruption in learning, children suffer. [ Best famous astrologer in Delhi ]

The leading suggests that Ascendant of the Sun Swarashi, the fifth, eleventh, ninth, fourth house will give

good results. Such a person can wear Manik Pancham Navam in the Lagna when there is a sun sign.

The native of Sagittarius will belong to the Sun, if he is with the Guru, then such people are administratively

capable. Their position is right in the Lagna, seventh, fifth, ninth, tenth, fourth, eleventh house.

Pisces sun also gives auspicious results. Its condition will also be good as above. Mercury results with the Sun.

Saturn along with Sun will also be fine, but Venus Rahu will be inauspicious. If the Sun is in the zodiac sign of

Saturn or is sitting in the low position of Libra, it will deprive you of auspicious results.

Guru-Moon together forms Gajakesari Yoga [ Best famous astrologer in Delhi ]

Inauspicious conditions, the Karak planets give the best results. When Jupiter and Moon are in Kendra from each
other in birth, then Gajakesari Yoga is formed. This is very good yoga. It has been praised by various astrologers.
The person born in Gajakesari Yoga is hostile, eloquent, possessing royal pleasures and qualities, long-lived,
intelligent, brilliant, and successful.
Jyotish Pitamah Maharishi Parashar has also told the same result of Gajakesari Yoga, but together he has also said
that if Mercury or Venus are situated in the center from the Moon, keep the Moon sight or do yoga,
this is also Gajakesari Yoga. Again, it is essential that the Moon and the Yogakaraka planets should not be
debilitated enemy sectors.

Gajakesari Yoga continues………………….

Although the conjunction of Moon with Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus will certainly give good results, in such a
condition, the praise of Gajakesari will be in vain because then about ninety percent of the people will be
born Gajakesari and the remaining yogas will be disregarded.
In a horoscope, suppose Venus is in the center of the Moon. Moon is exalted.
The full vision of the Moon is on the wealthy Venus. Moon is Rajesh and Venus is Ascendant, but still,
this person remained a lifelong forest dweller and suffering from a lack of wealth.
Although according to Maharishi Parashar, there is Gajakesari Yoga in this birth,
yet this person continued to suffer throughout his life. Their wife and children had to be despised the most.
This person did not get any results from Gajakesari Yoga.

In fact, there can be no Gajakesari Yoga from Venus.

The reason is that one sign of Venus from Taurus to another, Libra will always be sixth and from Libra to Taurus,
Taurus will always be eighth and thus Venus will always remain in a corrupt place or in a faulty role.
In such a case the Gajakesari Yoga will be dissolved. Again the inevitability factor is due to the rising of the planets.
It is certain that Venus and Mercury will always remain within 40 or 48 degrees from the Sun.
And in this way, both these planets will set in a short span of time. If we imagine yoga on the condition of setting,
then Budhaditya yoga will become non-existent. The concept of one yoga is eliminating the other yoga.
Moon should have a full vision of Jupiter and Mercury. So in this way, from the perspective of vision,
the Moon will have to be seventh from Jupiter and Mercury, because the full vision of the Moon is only on the
seventh house. Then the Moon and Jupiter will be at each other’s center.
We throw light on the statement available in the copy of Brihatparashara.
That is, if it is auspicious or vision in the center from the Lagna or moon, devoid of guru, debilitated, set, or
enemy planet, then Gajakesari yoga is formed. Now a difference is clearly visible here.

Gajakesari Yoga continues………………….

Here it is not necessary for the Guru to be in the center of the Moon, but this statement is completely opposite because the Shadashtak Yoga of Guru and Moon forms Shakta Yoga, which is a malefic yoga.
All the planets giving bad results will not be able to do anything if Jupiter alone is in the center.
Although Jupiter in the center is definitely going to give good results, somewhere exaggerated description is found.
All other yogas are disregarded.

To get the full results of Gajakesari Yoga, it is very necessary that both the Moon and the Guru should be friendly,

have good eyesight, and be in good mood. Apart from this,

there is also a condition that there should be one or the other of the five main planets other than

the Sun in front or behind the Moon.

Gajakesari Yoga continues………………….

Otherwise, a dreadful Pataki Yoga like ‘Kemdrum’ will be formed. In such a condition, Jupiter and the Moon are in
the center of each other and ‘Kemdrum’ will definitely show its effect, even if it is of exaltation.
It is said that a son born in Kemdrum is inferior to a woman, wandering in distant countries, afflicted with sorrow,
away from wisdom and happiness, full of filth, lowly working, always fearful, and short-lived.
Kemdrum yoga has such dire consequences.
Therefore, to get the full results of Gajakesari Yoga, it is necessary that even
the Moon is not affected by any ill-yoga.
The result of Gajakasari yoga will not be obtained by the stay of Guru in the center from the only moon.
Usually, instead of being in each other’s center, if Jupiter and Moon are together,
then excellent results will be obtained. Again, in spite of being in the mutual center,
the special force in which Jupiter and the Moon will be situated in the house in which the same planet and
the result of that house will be obtained.

Gajakesari Yoga continues………………….

For example, if Jupiter has the seventh vision on the exalted Moon in Taurus ascendant, then in spite of having Gajakesari Yoga, where the body will be very weak, on the other hand, married life will be very difficult.
Because in the Jaya (seventh) house, there will be a combination of the eighth lord.
In this way, the result of Gajakesari Yoga will be obtained in the form of physical fitness, but if both Jupiter and
Moon are together in the Ascendant, then Jupiter will also become fruitful due to being situated in
the sign of the benefic planet.
Although the person of Pisces ascendant is seen to be giving excellent results of Gajakesari Yoga if
Moon and Jupiter are in the mutual center in any house. At other places, it has also been told in the conditions of
the dissolution of Gajakesari yoga that the karaka planets should not be set and the moon yoga from
Mercury, Jupiter, etc. has also been called Gajakesari yoga.
It is worth noting here that the power of Mercury increases with the Sun. Mercury and Venus are
the planets that always stay around the Sun. [ Best famous astrologer in Delhi ]

Gajakesari Yoga continues………………….

Similarly, if both Jupiter and Moon are placed in Libra ascendant, then ‘Kshatyayava Jalen’ means any organ inside or outside the body will be damaged in spite of having bodybuilding and all wealth. It is directly felt.
It means that even in Gajakesari Yoga, it is necessary to have the auspicious effect of Jupiter and the Moon.
Only then will the full result be obtained. The best result of Gajakesari Yoga is obtained by the native of Pisces ascendant when Jupiter and Moon are conjoined or are in Kendra from Ascendant.
Budhaditya Yoga occurs only when Mercury is with the Sun, then how will
Gajakesari Yoga be broken due to its setting? Because even when Mercury is set and having vision with Moon,
neither Gajakesari Yoga will be formed, nor will the importance or utility of the most famous yoga-like
Budhaditya remain.
Therefore, the accomplishment of Gajakesari Yoga does not seem appropriate due to the combination of
Mercury and Venus. The conjunction with Venus will often be of enemy territory.
[ Best famous astrologer in Delhi ]
Therefore, the accomplishment of Gajakesari will be possible and appropriate only with the Guru.
not with anyone else. But when the karaka planets (Guru and Moon) are in an auspicious position,
the Gajakesari Yoga gives very good results.

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