Happiness In Vedic Astrology Govardhan Puja

Happiness in vedic astrology govardhan puja

Happiness in vedic astrology govardhan puja :-

[1] Be joyful during the good times and depressed during the bad. a typical reaction

[2] During the good times, be appreciative; during the bad times, be ready, tolerant, and gracious. (Greater reaction)

[3] Be motivated by an internal sense of righteousness and duty, and maintain an even demeanour and composure through the good times and bad (best but most difficult response — ultimate objective)

We spend our lives filled with regret for the past and excitement (or fear) about the future. We want to acquire the skills necessary for success while delaying living until we are extremely prosperous. Once we achieve success, we constantly worry that we will lose everything we have worked for.

In the end, everything we possess today would pertain to someone else tomorrow. There is no use fretting about what will happen. We have experienced a lifetime if we can just get through today while doing our best to be grateful for the day and our daily bread. This is so because a lifespan is nothing more than a collection of days like that. Therefore, we won't have to stress about anything in life if we can concentrate on living each day to the fullest. Like Arjuna, we can exert all of our strength in our battle for success and victory while still enjoying the results of our labour without growing dependent on them.

One of the main rituals practised during Annakut is Govardhan Pooja. The Govardhan Puja is a part of the day-long Annakut festival, despite the fact that some texts consider the two festivals as interchangeable.

There are numerous ways to conduct Govardhan Puja. In one variation of the rite, Lord Krishna is fashioned from cow dung lying horizontally. After the building is finished, candles, seenkh (a substance used to make broom chaff), and earthenlamps (deepak or diya) are used to decorate it. Following worship, the bhaktas, or worshippers, feed the lord's structure, and the women observe a fast. Lord Govardhan is also the subject of prayers.