How To Know If A Planet Is Debilitated?

How to know if a planet is debilitated?

How to know if a planet is debilitated? By noticing the Result of planets in debilitated sign

 1, Result of Sun in debilitated zodiac-:

When the Sun is present in its debilitated sign i.e. Libra in the birth chart of any person, then the person has attachment to ugly and women, as well as works without thinking.

2, the results of the Moon in the debilitated zodiac -:

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If the Moon is present in its debilitated sign i.e. Scorpio, then the person is interested in dance, has unstable mentality, has mismatch, and has false intellect.

3, Result of Mars in debilitated sign-:

If Mars is present in its debilitated sign i.e. Cancer, then the person is of wicked nature and wanders at night and is poor. Also very furious.

4, Mercury in debilitated sign-:

If the intellect is situated in its debilitated sign i.e. Pisces, then the person is intelligent of seal nature and obeys the orders of elder brothers but son is inferior in progeny.

5, the result of Jupiter in debilitated zodiac -:

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In the person’s birth chart, the Guru is situated in his debilitated sign i.e. Capricorn, then the Guru is always going to give auspicious results, that is, the person gets a beautiful woman. makes quality. Increases fame everywhere. nurturing others.

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6, the results of Venus in the debilitated zodiac -:

In the birth chart of the person, if Venus is situated in its debilitated sign i.e. Virgo, then the person is always a happy mind of humorous nature and has attachment towards material comforts and enjoys worldly pleasures.

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7, Result of Saturn in debilitated zodiac-:

If Shani is present in the debilitated sign i.e. Aries in the birth chart, then the person is a free-spirited nature, who suppresses the enemy with his might, receives praise from the king, and is the owner of immense wealth. And the family is the nurturer of the people.

8, Result of Rahu in debilitated zodiac-:

If Rahu is present in the horoscope of the native, then such a person is ugly, evil, and violent in nature as well as wants the welfare of the family.

9, the result of Ketu in the debilitated zodiac-:

If Ketu is of the debilitated sign Gemini in the birth chart, then that person is suffering from eye disease of evil nature, suffering from woman’s separation, unhappy in life, fighting is of a quarrelsome nature.