How To Understand Your Women Through Her Ascendant!

How to understand your women through her Ascendant

Zodiac signs have their own importance in Indian Astrology. Zodiac signs not only predict the future but also mirror your personality. To see what your zodiac sign says as per the famous astrologer in India. It’s important to know this because 90 % of the relationship issues come because of the lack of understanding of your partner’s nature. If you are married, or if you are in a live-in or just a normal relationship, the following can help you identify the tipping point and might even save a marriage.

Read these wonderful insights by the leading matrimonial astrologers in Delhi:

Aries: – This zodiac symbol is that of a lamb. Therefore, the women related to this zodiac are straight like lamb. Generally, they do not get angry.

Taurus: – The sign of this zodiac – the bull. The woman of this zodiac is as diligent and equally angry. But they also know how to control their anger.

Gemini: Excitement and anger are the specialties of women with this sign. It is in their habit to get angry at talking. Husbands or lovers all have to become victims of their anger.

Cancer: – You cannot call women of this zodiac as angry, because when angry, they suppress it with their cleverness. They get angry but like a volcano, it keeps blowing inside itself.

Leo: Their anger? Oh no! Durga will be angry in many ways, whose symbol is Leo. But their anger is not in vain. They cannot tolerate injustice therefore it’s valid anger.

Virgo: It is not angry, it is mindless. She keeps thinking more but does not get angry. Others get upset by venturing their anger on themselves.

Libra: How should anger be adjusted, someone learns from them. They are angry or not. Like the scales of scales, their anger also keeps on increasing. You can consider them sometimes hot, sometimes soft women.

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Scorpio: They are short-tempered. Their anger is as fast as a scorpion’s sting. After all, why is a scorpion the symbol of this zodiac? it’s because they not only get angry but keep it in their heart to take revenge later.

Dhanu: She does get angry unreasonably, but takes care. It does not anger at the top, but when angry, it strikes straight like an arrow. His anger is very subtle and sharp.

Makara: These women are not irritated but they are the one who is irritable. Hardly anyone can trust them. This is the reason that the anger it inflicts on others is more than the anger of others.

Kumbh: Their anger is internal. Calm from outside and anger from within is their identity. Stays like a volcano, it gets out like lava. So when they start to get angry. Beware!

Pisces: Women of this sign seldom get angry. Women of this zodiac are of a calm and cool nature. If someone is angry with an exception, his anger is very fierce.