Know Inauspicious Symptoms And Simple Remedies Of The Sun

Know inauspicious symptoms and simple remedies of the Sun

Happiness and sorrow and inauspicious events keep happening in life. Know when the planet gives inauspicious results to humans, what are the symptoms to humans, and the simplest solution to get rid of inauspicious results:

Signs of Sun being inauspicious:

* When the Sun starts giving inauspicious results, the bone of the joint of the native hurts.

* Body starts to stiffen.

* If there is a buffalo or a red cow in the house, then there is a crisis.

Here is a simple solution by the best astrologer in south Delhi:

* Fast on Sunday.

* Eat sweet before each action.

* Sieve jaggery, copper in running water.

* Worship Vishnu.

* Keep the character properly, ie avoid wrong actions.