Krishnamurti method

Like the physical world, human beings have also done many important research in spirituality and philosophy. The subject related to spirituality and philosophy is astrology. Astrology has also not remained untouched by the investigative nature of human beings. Astrologers have included many new things in it with their knowledge and research.

Vedic astrology is considered to be the most authentic in the Indian astrology tradition, but it is difficult to understand Vedic astrology deeply, so to make astrology simple, some astrologers tried to give birth to a different method of astrology. One of such disciplines of astrology is Krishnamurti method. This method was discovered in the 20th century in South India, the creator of this method was the great astrologer Krishnamurti.

Krishnamurti method is used in the question chart. While doing predictions with this method, the Lagna is determined by the numbers. In this method of Krishnamurti, the numbers 1 to 249 have been included from which the Ascendant is prepared. In this astrology system of Krishnamurti, all the twelve zodiac signs are first divided into sub division and then also its sub i.e. sub-sub-parts. These sub-divisions have been given marks ranging from 1 to 249.

Under this method, when you are present to the astrologer with your question, then he asks you to choose a number according to your choice from the numbers from 1 to 249. The number that you choose or tell is determined by that number in your horoscope. Other planets are also placed in this system in the same way as in Vedic astrology.

If we discuss here Krishnamurti system from Vedic birth chart, we find that in Krishnamurti system, where the basis for determining the ascendant is the number, whereas in Vedic birth chart, the time of birth is considered as the basis, it is known from the time of birth itself that the date of your birth. At what time did the ascendant rise in the sky and at what degrees it was.

There is also a difference between Vedic astrology and Krishnamurti system that the constellations are given prominence in the Krishnamurti system. In the Krishnamurti system, the constellations are determined as the basis, whereas in Vedic astrology, these 27 constellations have been given a secondary place.

Krishnamurti gives secondary place to the Navagrahas which have prominence in Vedic astrology. According to Krishnamurti method, after dividing a zodiac up to the sub-sub level, the result of the question horoscope comes from the constellation Bhagesh that comes.

Astrologers believe that Krishnamurti has made this division on the basis of Vimshottari Dasha system. Just as Mahadasha-Antardasha and Pratyantaradasha come in Vimshottari dasha, similarly Krishnamurti has taken the order of Rashipati-Nakshatrapati and Nakshatra Bhagesh.

Astrologers tell that those who are engaged in new discoveries and who have a nature to research on new facts, for them working on Krishnamurti method remains satisfactory. This helps in the progress of astrology.