Aramaans Event, East of Kailash


Greater Kailash (GK) - Kalkaji, South Delhi, Delhi, 110048, India


Aramaans Event is a Delhi based company, which specialises in event management. They are completely committed to creating a brilliant wedding experience with excellent services that captures and interprets the dreams and expectations of their consumers in a perfect manner. Aramaans Event is a successful enterprise, which attempts to give a complete event, full of lively situations, magnificent settings and charming ambience. So if you want a company that offers you premium services and packages for all your wedding nights then you can choose them definitely. Services Offered Aramaans Event consists of a team of specialists who excel at what they do and put their heart and soul into each wedding function. With a knack for ideation and attention to detail followed by a lot of planning and discussion, they can do it all for you as per your wishes and desires. They have inhouse decor team who are ready to travel with their clients at their wedding stop to offer you premium services for all your wedding functions. For the big day, various services are going to converge to create an occasion that perfectly combines the client's requirements and the amazing organisational skills of the company. The following are the various services that they offer: 1. Vendor management 2. Event flow management 3. Decor planning and execution 4. Guests Management 5. Entertainment design & choreography 6. Transport & logistics management 7. Food & beverage management 8. Signages and stationery for the event 9. Wedding stationery 10. Styling & personal shopper 11. On-site support staff