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Bogadi, Mysore, Karnataka,
, India
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Contact Company Name : Artsy lens Vendor Address : Bogadi, Mysore, Karnataka, , India

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Artsy Lens is a photography and videography service located in Mysore. Many things have to be taken care of while planning a wedding. One thing that helps make the functions live forever is a wedding album or happy pictures and captivating videos. If planning an elegant wedding ceremony, look for a unique and creative photographer. In that case, Artsy Lens is the choice you should make. They are the best solution for all your wedding-related needs and demands. This wedding photographer highly believes in offering top-notch services with ease. Services Offered Artsy Lens has been offering many happy and cheerful facilities for a while now. The team uses high-end techniques and the leading equipment, which gives the best wedding picture. The group stays with you throughout the functions to avoid missing any happy or emotional moments. They will make sure you are entitled to infinite happiness and truckloads of colourful pictures. Artsy Lens provides an array of customised and personalised services that are highly accessible and can be selected per your needs and demands. Some of the services offered include: Wedding & engagement Engagement photography Mehndi & sangeet Couple pre-wedding Traditional photography Candid photography Cinematographic photography Live Screening

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