Creative Showz By Varnika Bhargava


Nehru Place, South Delhi, Delhi, 110001, India


Creative Showz By Varnika Bhargava is a wedding planning company based in the city of Delhi. One of the most meaningful task for every couple is observing a planner who can offer you a set of wedding ceremonies which will make your every celebration a lifetime memory. Therefore if you are searching for a wedding planning business who can beautifully create all your events and can enhance your wedding experience then you can opt for Creative Showz By Varnika Bhargava. Services Offered From pre-wedding to the wedding day, there would not be a moment where they will not be present with you. The team of trained and hardworking wedding administrators will plan different ceremonies in the most interesting manner. As per your place, they are prepared to provide their support and make your event an amazing one both within the city as well as overseas. All your occasions can be an endurance to go through and hence you can go ahead and book them. Creative Showz By Varnika Bhargava proposes a lot of tailor-made services which can be customised as per your preferences and budget. The wide selection of assistance offered by them include: 1. Venue selection 2. Catering 3. Photography/ Videography 4. Styling & grooming 5. Decoration 6. DJ & entertainment 7. Guests transfers 8. Hospitality & guests support 9. Invitations 10. Wedding cake 11. Trousseau packing 12. Band & baraat