Dj Saurabh


WedMeGood, Delhi, , India


Dj Saurabh is a Delhi NCR based professional DJ that offers you his services for all your nuptial ceremonies. Since 2007, he has been constantly fuelling his passion for music and entertaining people with rigorous training and complete dedication. With the type of competition that is there in this field, he has been working constantly in keeping abreast with all the latest in music and technology. His entertainment Skills Include Knowledge of popular music and artists from the 1960's to present, beat mix two songs together so the music never stops, set and change the mood of a crowd throughout an event, read a crowd for music selection, coordinate a function, crowd control, volume control, and more! Be it a wedding celebration, engagement party or cocktail party, DJ Saurabh has the perfect music collection to make your occasion special. Also played at a variety of events and has the latest technology and knowledge about the music industry. He will ensure to play excellent music which will surely make you groove.He assures you with the best energy at a party and knows what gets the people entertained to throw their worries out the window and enjoy the occasion fully. You can be rest assured that DJ Saurabh will not disappoint and will surely go an extra mile to satisfy any genre of crowd thanks to his years of experience.