DJ Vee


Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400070, India


In the wedding scene & club scene across India & Abroad, Vikrant Kadam, professionally known as DJ VEE, has been highly acclaimed for 18 years and a protégé of India's first DJ, Jo Azarado. An Indian DJ, Music Producer, always on top of the scene spinning tracks on all kinds of occasions from countless private parties to amazing weddings over the past several years. From Bollywood to Club, from R&B, Tech House to Experimental & Electronic Dance Music, his interest in music varies. With great delight, his performances are certainly recalled. With an early love of performing, DJ VEE has the slogan to keep people night after night on the dance floor, making him one of the most popular names in Club Culture and the Indian Dance Music Industry as well. His favourite music genres include Commercial, Punjabi, Hip Hop, EDM, House, and Bollywood. His regular gigs include Barrel Mansion, Dragonfly, Derby, Reflection, Playboy, B, Jlwa, Pranzi, The Bandra Project, Mashhad, Cult, Lord of the Drinks, Kitty Su, Ark Bar, Butterfly High, Bombay Cocktail Bar, Glocal Junction, Luna Nudo, Tsu. Specialisation The DJ is known for some amazing renditions in all of the events he has been too. There is absolute versatility in the offerings and at-event demands are also taken. Since the DJ specialises in so many genres, feel free to discuss the preferred genres in advance so that he may come prepared accordingly. 1. Hip-Hop 2. Commercial 3. Punjabi 4. EDM 5. House 6. Bollywood 7. Regional 8. Tech House 9. Bhangra 10. Retro Travels to the Venue DJ Vee comes to the party with all the necessary equipment along. The DJ is absolutely okay with travelling to the client’s location too.