Evoque Wedding Company


Mattathil Building, Ashoka Nagar,Aluva, Kochi, Kerala, Kerala, , India


Evoque Wedding Company is a wedding photography service located in Aluva, Kochi. Photos take you down memory lane every time you look at them as they hold a special memory in your life; that is why choosing the right photographer for your wedding is essential. They specialise in candid photography and pr-wedding shoots. They understand that wedding is an emotional journey for both the bride and groom, and therefore, they capture each of your emotions most perfectly and creatively. Evoque Wedding Company is the go-to option if you seek one such wedding photographer. They have been serving in the industry since 2014 and have carved a niche for themselves. Services Offered Evoque Wedding Company is capable of making the best memories of your wedding day, and they aid in achieving your dreams by filling colours into it. From pre-wedding to the wedding and post-wedding ceremonies, the wedding consists of many fun and mesmerising moments that you would want to keep with you forever. Evoque Wedding Company captures all those rare moments of your functions and combines them in a beautiful album for you to treasure forever. They are also willing to journey to your wedding destination to capture your wedding ceremonies with the utmost perfection. Evoque Wedding Company offers many packages and services that you can choose and personalise according to your choice and the price range. The vast list of the services provided by them includes: Wedding & engagement Engagement photography Mehndi & sangeet Couple pre-wedding Traditional photography Candid photography Cinematographic Drone Shoots Photobooth Live Screening