Hotel Drishti Inn


Drishti Plaza, Kolar Main Road, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, ,


In Bhopal, there is a banquet hall called Hotel Drishti Inn. In order to offer the best hospitality, they established the banquet hall in 2019. They give a fantastical backdrop for your important event. They offer a spectacular dining hall where couples can exchange vows under the stars. A wedding serves as a celebration of love and life. And in order to take advantage of a chance like that, you need the ideal banquet hall. Infrastructure and Capacity 500 wedding guests can stay at Hotel Drishti Inn to accommodate the large throng. If you want to have a small, private wedding with only your closest friends and family, the banquet hall can fit at least 80 guests. You can have your wedding with the best facilities, enough space to hold all of your connected events, parties with fantastic lighting, not to mention the open-air environment, raising the spirit to new heights, with individualised support options. There are several different food options available at Hotel Drishti Inn. They have a team of skilled chefs who make sure to cook for you with current and healthy ingredients. The multi-cuisine menu of Hotel Drishti Inn offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives. The tempting fragrances of the tantalising foods served will fill the atmosphere. The location is far more suited to give you top-notch amenities and comforts so you may plan a wonderful wedding. They offer to host a variety of different events, including pre- and post-wedding rituals, at their banquet hall. With their distinctive lodging and service, their staff attempts to maximise customer satisfaction. Additionally, they have a group of in-house decor merchants who take care of all the requests and recommendations on a regular basis. Services Provided The Hotel Drishti Inn provides the perfect setting for your ideal wedding. They provide you a variety of services that can be personalised and tailored, including the following: Essential backup, Illumination, and Electricity Furnishings, Furniture, Parking space