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Shahdara, East Delhi, Delhi,
110032, India
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Contact Company Name : Manglam Wedding Events Vendor Address : Shahdara, East Delhi, Delhi, 110032, India

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Manglam Wedding Events promises high quality services for planning luxurious and stunning events. Its team will turn your ideas into a perfectly coordinated unique event with personalised details. Manglam Wedding Events always focused on offering customised planning solutions and it is an ideal choice for all wedding related functions. Services offered Manglam Wedding Events offers complete planning solutions, from vendor selection to budgeting to organisation of various functions and parties. Whether it is personalised services or experienced staff, this company will provide everything you expect to create a memorable event. The various services offered by Manglam Wedding Events will be delivered in a customised package that will be designed according to your budget and it will include the following: 1. Vendor management 2. Event flow management 3. Decor planning, themed decorations/jaimala concept 4. Guests management 5. Entertainment/groom and bride entry/fireworks 6. Transport and logistics management 7. Catering 8. Wedding stationery 9. On-site support staff

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