Ravi Mehandi Art


Ravi Mehandi Art, B-7 Basement, JOP Plaza, P Block 201301 Sector 18, Noida (Noida), Uttar Pradesh, 201301, India


Ravi Mehandi Art is a mehandi artist who hails from Noida. Mehandi ceremony makes for an essential celebration, being a precursor to the nuptial ceremony this function has garnered a lot of importance over the past couple of years. As dawn breaks on the day of the mehendi, the bride and her band of friends prep up for the joyous occasions in which they adorn floral jewellery which complements their henna and her bridal glow. Applying the henna onto the bride is a way of welcoming the girl into her new family. Since, time immemorial brides have been keeping up with this tradition. Each design is a masterpiece which is created with utmost sincerity and consideration with your wants and preferences.