The Grand Imperial Hotel


The Grand Imperial, M. G. Road, Agra, Uttar Pradesh , India., Uttar Pradesh, 282001,


At Grand Imperial, we have welcomed guests from all over the world, including Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the Shah of Iran, Lady Irwin Mountbatten, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, as well as our vintage Bollywood actors, such as Dilip Kumar, Vijayanta Mala, Madhubala, and others. We continue to welcome visitors from around the world today. Don't be startled to see tapless sinks on one side and worn-out antique pieces on the other since you will be captivated and engrossed by the many activities taking place in the hotel. You will experience the full flavour of heritage luxury at our spectacular property. Their meticulously detailed reviews serve as a record of their opulent stay. The exquisite boutique hotel, which is over a century old, has two main buildings and two gardens, one of which has a seating area beside the pool. Despite being conventional and classic, the structures have a contemporary appearance. You may relive the royal aura by viewing some opulent antique antiques that the hotel has preserved. The 30 distinctive rooms of our historical-themed hotel are each individually decorated and made of the same red Lahori bricks as the Agra Fort. With your effortlessly memorable stay at the Grand Imperial, a monument to the Taj city, which attends to all of your requirements with grace and elegance, you can make a lifetime's worth of wonderful memories during your trip to Agra.