Yogi Midtown


DX-12, TTC Industrial Area,Next to Sharayu Motors,After Turbhe Bridge, Turbhe, Maharashtra, ,


Mumbai is where Hotel Yogi Midtown is located. Hotel Yogi Midtown is one of the most popular locations for weddings and other associated events and is situated about a kilometre away from the palm beach mangroves. Its proximity to the train station makes it even more appealing. The hotel Yogi Midtown is the one to choose if you're seeking for a well-kept establishment that not only offers fantastic events but also a comfy place to rest. Numerous couples have experienced love at Hotel Yogi Midtown, and it has played a role in the uniting of their families while spreading kindness and love. Their skilled personnel, which treats your needs as if they were their own, is their strong suit. Infrastructure and Capacity They have a welcoming team that looks after all the friends and family members with full devotion and dedication and tries to be as helpful as possible. They have a capacity to hold up to 100 people at most. Two extra cherries are added to this venue's amenities cake in the form of full energy backup and excellent valet parking. Since its beginning, Hotel Yogi Midtown has made its grounds available for all pre-, wedding-, and post-wedding events. In addition to their basic venue, they provide additional services like valet parking, backup power and energy, and furniture to make sure that nothing is lacking from your wedding and that your event is absolutely beautiful, as it should be! They can guarantee that you will have an amazing experience and they have spacious rooms that can fit all of your guests. This location, which is in the city, offers first-rate lodging options and kind hospitality at reasonable prices. Services Provided If you're planning to organise a gathering soon, Hotel Yogi Midtown is the ideal option. The consumers are consistently impressed by their on-point, consistent, and reliable services. They provide a range of services, such as: Bride's room with her entourage of friends,Servers and service personnel,music and sound rights,only internal catering,only internal decorating.