Mercury Mahadasha Experience

Mercury mahadasha experience

Mercury mahadasha experience || Mercury’s Mahadasha – Result of Antardasha:- (1) The result of Mercury’s Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Mercury:

The person should walk on the path of religion, have contact with scholars, have a pure intellect and get wealth

from Brahmins. May good success be achieved due to education and happiness always.

(2) The result of Ketu‘s Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Mercury:

The mind should be disturbed by sorrow, grief and discord, the person’s body trembles; There should be

meeting with enemies, letters and rides should be destroyed.

(3) The result of the antardasha of Venus in the Mahadasha of Mercury:

Worship the deities, brahmins, and gurus. The person should be engaged in charity and religion. Get clothes

and ornaments. Meet up with friends.

(4) Result of Sun’s Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Mercury:

May the house be acquired with gold, coral, horses, and elephants, the person may have the pleasure of

eating, drinking, and getting respect from the king.

(5) Result of Moon’s Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Mercury:

Moon mahadasha and antardasha

There is a fear of pain in the head, severe pain in the throat, eye disorders, leprosy, ringworm etc.

Doubt of the life of the person becomes present.

(6) The result of the antardasha of Mars in the dasha of Mercury:

There may be fear of fire, eye disease, fear of theft, and the person should always remain unhappy. If the

person loses his place, that is, he loses his post or house, there is a possibility of getting cut by Vata disease.

All these results occur in the mahadasha of Mercury when the antardasha of Mars goes.

(7) The result of the antardasha of Rahu in the Mahadasha of Mercury:

There may be pain in the head, eyes and abdomen, that means that the body of the person may become weak

due to disease or the person’s wealth may be destroyed. If there is fear of fire, poison and water, the person may

suffer loss or be removed from the post on which he holds.

(8) The result of the antardasha of Jupiter in the Mahadasha of Mercury:

Enemies are destroyed, get rid of diseases, get accomplishment in religious matters and get respect from the

king. There should be special interest towards penance and religion.

(9) Result of Saturn‘s Antardasha in Mercury’s Mahadasha:

May Dharma and Artha perish, all actions fail Vata and Kapha cause diseases [ Mercury mahadasha experience ]