Online Astrology Consultation About Friends

Online astrology consultation about friends

The Online astrology consultation says that astrology has a role in friendship.

By looking at the horoscope of any person, it can be found out that how will that person become friends and

what kind of friendship he will keep with them. It is often seen that many people have many friends, while some people do not have any friendships at all. The role of stars and stars is very important in making friends to maintaining friendships.

Information regarding friends can be obtained from the third house of the horoscope. Actually, twelve zodiac signs are considered to be made up of different elements and according to this,

The friendship of zodiac signs can also be seen among themselves.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius with the fire element

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn from the earth

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius from the air element

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces from the water element

According to astrology and the Online astrology consultation, the friendship of the signs of fire and air is

considered and friendship between the elements of earth and water is considered.

It is not that people with the signs of water and air and fire and

earth elements are not able to make

friends with each other. There is friendship, but there is a problem in lasting friendship for a long time.


To learn astrology, first of all, it is necessary to know the scriptures within Indian astrology, because without

knowing the difference, the meaning of the house is not understood, the work learned in this way is

fruitful everywhere, it is often asked from the astrologer that we Have to travel, or we have to do such work, tell the muhurta, now there is complete knowledge of astrology, but there is no knowledge of astrology, then astrology spoils its name there, first of all, you have to know the scriptures, Knowledge of directions, information about the time of travel and work, etc., discusses the omens, etc. told directly by animals.

Travel Muhurta and Good Luck Thoughts

Anuradha Jyestha Mool Hasta Mrigasira Ashwini Punarvasu Pushya and Revati These constellations are

auspicious for travel, Ardra Bharani Kritika Magha Uttara Visakha and Ashlesha these constellations are discarded,

apart from this, the constellations are considered medium, Shashthi Dwadasi rikata and

festival dates are also discarded, Gemini girl Capricorn Libra, this Lagna is auspicious,

moon power and auspicious omens should also be considered in the journey.

Dyslexia [ Online astrology consultation ]

One should not travel in the east direction on Saturday and Monday, one should not travel in the south

direction on Thursday, one should not travel in the west on Sunday and Friday, one should not travel in

the north on Wednesday and Tuesday, in these days and in the above directions.

Traveling in is considered a problem.

Auspicious constellation for all directions

Hasta Revathi, Ashwani Shravan, and Mrigasira, these constellations are said to be auspicious for traveling in

all directions, just as Thursday is best for Vidyarambha, similarly,

Pushya Nakshatra is considered best for all works.

Elf thoughts [ Online astrology consultation ]

On Pratipada and Navami Tithi, Yogini lives in east direction, Triodashi in fire angle on Tritiya and

Ekadashi and Chaturdashi in south direction on Panchami and Shashthi in west direction on Purnima and Saptami in

air angle on Dwadasi and Chaturthi in southeast angle, Dasami And in the north on the second half, the yogini

resides in the north and on the new moon in the northeast, the elf is pleasing in the left part, gives the

desired accomplishment behind the back destroys wealth on the right side and gives death in front.

Travel date ideas [ Online astrology consultation ]

Pratipada is considered to be the best date for travel, for second succession, error healing,

fourth discord dear, Panchami Kalyanprada, Shashthi discord, Saptami with food, Ashtami disease giver,

Navami death giver, 10th land giving benefits, Ekadasi gold gainer, Dwadsi Prana. Destructive, and Trayodasi is

the bestower of all accomplishments, Trayodasi gives all siddhis whether of

Shukla Paksha or Krishna Paksha, one should not travel on Poornima and Amavasya.

Pantha Rahu thoughts

After dividing the day and night into eight equal parts, Rahu travels in all four directions starting from the east in

the ratio of half and half Prahar, that is, in the first half Prahar, in the second in the east, in the third in the south, in the fourth in the north. In the fifth, in the west, in the sixth, in the north,in the seventh, in the north, and in the eighth, in the southwest corner.

Fruit of Rahu etc.

If Rahu is in the right direction, then victory is achieved, Yogini is considered to be auspicious in the left direction,

Rahu and Yogini are considered auspicious if they are behind, Moon is considered auspicious in front.

Travel or blow avoidance

Paan on Sunday, Rice on Monday, Amla on Tuesday, Sweets on Wednesday, Curd on Thursday, Spicy item on

Friday and Going on a journey after eating the month i.e. Urad on Saturday does not disturb the direction or work.

Dishashul Avoidance

By drinking ghee on Sunday, drinking milk on Monday, eating jaggery on Tuesday, eating sesame on

Wednesday, eating curd on Thursday, eating barley on Friday, and eating urad on Saturday,

the dosha of Dishashul is considered to be pacified.

Rahu thoughts

Rahu is considered as the abode of Rahu in the southeast on Sunday, in north direction on Monday,

in igneous angle on Tuesday, in west direction on Wednesday, in north direction on Thursday, in

south direction on Friday, in western angle on Saturday.

Moon power thoughts

The first moon is a welfare factor, the second moon gives satisfaction to the mind, the third moon gives wealth,

the fourth moon gives discord, the fifth moon gives knowledge, the sixth moon gives wealth, the seventh moon

gives state honor, the eighth moon gives death, the ninth moon gives religion benefic,

tenth Moon is the provider of desired fruits, the eleventh moon gives all benefits, the twelfth moon gives loss,

moon power should be considered while starting travel, marriage, etc.

Ambush moon thoughts

First, of Aries, a fifth of Gemini, ninth of Cancer, second of Leo, sixth of Virgo, the tenth of Libra,

third of Scorpio, seventh of Sagittarius, fourth of Capricorn, eighth of Aquarius, eleventh of Pisces, the

twelfth hour of Pisces is considered to be the moon, on traveling to go to war. But when going to the court,

starting work in agriculture, starting a business, setting the foundation of the house,

killing the moon is considered taboo, death due to disease in the moon, defeat on filing a case in court,

and punishment for traveling. Or false allegation, marriage is sure to be valid.

Sun views in travel

Starting from the last prahar of last night, the sun travels in the east direction for two prahars, the sun is

considered auspicious at the time of the journey to the right and left and behind at the time of entry.

Kulik thoughts [ Online astrology consultation ]

Fourteenth on Sunday, the twelfth on Monday, the tenth on Tuesday, the eighth on Wednesday,

the sixth on Thursday and the fourth on Friday, the second Muhurta on Saturday is Kulik Sgnak,

this Muhurta is considered inauspicious.