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Introduction to the Seventh House by Pandit astrologer: The seventh house is one of the Kendra houses in the horoscope. It is also called by names like Jaya, Kalatra, Kama, Bharya, etc. In Persian this house is called Haftamkhana, Jankhana, Hamalkhana.

The Ascendant house shows the beginning of life and the seventh house,

being opposite to the Ascendant, indicates the end of life. Therefore it has a name asast also because the ascendant is the rising place. Artha, Kama, Moksha, and Dharma are the four functions of life that are judged from the seventh house. 

Every human needs a partner in life. The best ally is the husband or wife. Therefore, the wife or husband is also considered in this sense. Apart from the life partner, marriage, sex, marital happiness, time of marriage,

partnership, business, characteristics of the life partner, sexual intercourse, etc. are considered in this sense. 

Kendra house – 2

Due to being the tenth from the tenth house (place of karma), the idea of work and business is also

considered from the seventh house. Being third from the fifth house, this house is also a

symbol of the son’s valor and the second child of a person. Being the fourth to the fourth, this house also shows the maternal grandmother and maternal grandmother.

Due to being the twelfth (loss) from the age (eighth) house, the seventh house is also called the Marak Bhava. The seventh house in the horoscope represents the west direction. When a benefic planet becomes the lord of the seventh house, it gets Kendradhipatya dosha.

Whereas inauspicious planets being on the lord of this house are considered auspicious. This house is mainly considered while estimating Mangal Dosh in marriage. The causative planet of this house is Venus, but for female natives, its factor is Jupiter.

The following subjects are considered from the seventh house by Pandit astrologer-

Spouse by Pandit astrologer-

The knowledge of a person’s spouse is from the seventh house. This house is the place of partnership and marriage is the most important partnership in any person’s life.

Marriage by Pandit astrologer

This house shows the nature of the marriage of the person and the time of marriage. The effect of malefic planets on this house can also destroy the chances of getting married.

Death –

The first house indicates the beginning of life, the seventh house, which is its direct opposite, shows the end of life i.e. death. Due to being the twelfth house (loss) from the eighth house (age place), it is an antidote. In the Dasha-Antardasha of the lord of the seventh house, the person may have physical ill-effects.


Marriage is a lifelong partnership. Apart from this, the seventh house also represents business and other partnerships related to business. Whether a person should do any business in partnership or not, whether he will get profit or loss from a partnership, etc. is also considered from the seventh house.

Foreign trips

Apart from the third and ninth house, the seventh house also has a direct relation with foreign trips. Whether these journeys will be of short duration or long term, it is known according to the nature of the planets falling on this house.

Foreign residence –

A person can also reside abroad, because the seventh house is fourth from the fourth house (house), so it is also related to the person’s residence.

Subtle karmas than

This house is tenth from the tenth place (karma), so it shows the nature of karma. Apart from the tenth house, the help of the seventh house should also be taken while considering what the person’s field of work will be. In relation to karma, it is considered a subtle place of work.

Prosperous Spouse

When the seventh house and seventh lord are strong and other valuable and majestic planets have an auspicious effects on these components, then the person is married in a respectable and prosperous family. For example, if there is Aquarius ascendant and the seventh house and seventh lord of the Sun have the influence of planets like Moon (princely planet) and Guru (respectable and growing planet), a man is married in a royal and respectable family or royal family.

Beauty of the life partner

Seventh house is the main house of the life partner. When the seventh house and seventh house are under the influence of the beautiful planets Moon, Venus, Mercury, then the person gets a beautiful and beautiful life partner.

Marrakesh by Pandit astrologer

Seventh house is an antidote. Due to being the place of expenditure (loss) of the eighth house (age), in the Dasha of the lord of this house, the person suffers death or death. Especially if the lord of the seventh house is weak and is in the second, sixth, eighth, or twelfth house and the age block is completed, then the dasha-antardasha of the seventh house can prove to be an antidote for the person.


The seventh house is a symbol of the sexual organ of Kaal Purush. Therefore, any kind of side effect on the seventh house is an indicator of disease in the sexual part of the person.


The libido of a person is directly related to the sexual parts of his body. Therefore, the seventh house also expresses the libido of the person. Whether it is deformed or not can be known from the seventh place. The effect of cruel planets and Mars and Venus on the seventh house can give a distorted libido to a person.

Marital happiness-sadness

The seventh house has a deep relation with marriage because marriage is determined from this place. If there is an effect of auspicious planets on the seventh house and seventh lord, then the person gets good marriage happiness. On the contrary, if these components are afflicted and are under the influence of sin, then the married life of the person is troubled, even he may get divorced from his life partner.


Kujdosh does not arise only from the planet Mars. Apart from Mars, planets like Sun, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, etc also create Kujdosh in the horoscope. Whenever the above planets are situated in the first, fourth, seventh, and eighth house in a magazine, then that magazine suffers from Kuj Dosha.

The seventh house is the main house of marriage, so the position of these malefic planets in this house creates strong Kujdosh. In South India, even if these malefic planets are sitting in the 2nd house, the horoscope suffers from Kujdosha. The reason for this is that the second house belongs to the person’s family and family.

Apart from this, the second house is the eighth house (age) from the seventh house (life partner) is also related to the age of the spouse. This is the reason that the malefic planets located in the second house in South India are also kept in the category of Kujdosh. To blame only Mars in the formation of Kujdosh is futile and misleading.