Planets And Diseases In Astrology

Planets and diseases in astrology

Planets and diseases in astrology:- Planetary constellations exert their own influence at different places on the earth, due to which different types of species, plants, and minerals are born. In the same way, each planet has negative and positive effects on the body also. If you come to know that which part of your body is getting damaged, then you will also know that it is being affected by which planet, then surely you will be able to take measures for that planet. So let us know that on which parts of the body Saturn basically has a special effect and what measures can be taken for it.

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By the way, the planet Saturn has good and bad effects on the bones, navel, lungs, hair, eyes, eyebrows, temples, nails, knees, joint pain, heels, nerves, intestines, and phlegm. But according to astrology, the special effect of Saturn has been considered especially on the bone and navel.

Planets and diseases in astrology

1. Bone:

If the bone is not strong in the body, then nothing will be right. If the bone is strong, then the mass, marrow, nerves, etc. will all remain strong. Bones are weak due to lack of calcium and iron. To strengthen the bones, mustard oil should be applied on the whole body except one day. Along with some exercise, sunbathing in the morning, and eating calcium and iron things should be done.
The problem of bones is caused by each planet. If there is a problem of bones due to Saturn, then the nervous system will be weak. Many times the bones are broken in an accident due to Saturn, then its treatment lasts for a long time. This problem can also occur due to paralysis. In such a situation, donate shade on Saturday evening. If you keep reciting Hanuman Chalisa, you will be saved from accidents.

Planets and diseases in astrology

2. Navel:

The navel is the center of our life. It is only affected by Saturn. Diseases arise from the navel or the navel due to the bad effect of Saturn. There are many methods of disease detection in Ayurveda system of medicine, one of them is to identify the disease by the pulse of the navel. Navel vibrations can be detected which part of the body is getting damaged or diseased. All types of diseases can be cured through the operation of the navel and its therapy.
According to oceanography, a lot can be known by looking at the size and shape of the navel.

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In yoga, the navel chakra is called Manipura chakra. Located at the root of the navel, this chakra of blood color is the third chakra called Manipura within the body, which consists of 10 lotus petals. To keep the navel healthy, one should keep doing Surya Namaskar.

Applying mustard oil on the navel makes the lips soft. Applying ghee on the navel pacifies the stomach fire and is beneficial in many diseases. It benefits the eyes and hair. It is also beneficial in body tremors, knee and joint pain. This increases the radiance on the face.

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