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Chahthi Pujan

Chhath Puja guidelines, including the entire worship process and materials

Our most cherished event is Chhath Puja, also called Mahaparv, and its preparation. Even though everyone would like to miss this festival, they don't want to. This holiday appears to have become ingrained in every Hindu's heart. No one can imagine his passion when everyone else is so enthused about this festival.

Few holidays bring as much joy to everyone as this one does. However, as you are aware, every year thousands of women observe the Chhath Puja fast for the first time. They lack a solid understanding of Chhath Puja?

In this case, it is crucial for all of us to understand how Chhath Puja is performed and how it is worshipped. You are all aware that only when we worship completely can we expect to see results.

So do share with us all the full details about Chhath Puja.

Why do people celebrate Chhath Puja?

The Chhath Puja fast is quite enjoyable and produces the intended effects. This fast is observed in order to safeguard the husband, kids, and home from harm. This fast must be observed, especially for the kids' safety. You must act quickly to get children, even if you do not already have any. By Chhath Maiya's favour, you will undoubtedly experience children's happiness. Leprosy patients should, in addition, absolutely pay attention to this immediately. Leprosy patients must observe the Chhath fast in order to ward off their condition. Numerous illnesses can be cured by the Chhath Puja fast.

Can unmarried girls observe the Chhath fast?

Girls who are single do not perform Chhath Puja. This fast should only be observed by married ladies. Yes, a female can fulfil her sacred pledge. But in this case, you must heed the guidance of seniors.

How can I follow the "leave Chhath fast" rule?

(1) Everyone is aware of how challenging the Chhath fast is. The celebration is not simple for everyone to participate in. If someone is in this case physically ill or unable to celebrate Chhath Puja, they can give their daughter-in-law a Chhath fast.

(2) You must now be wondering how the Chhath Vrat is violated. Let us explain in more detail. If you have a daughter-in-law, your mother-in-law is required to observe the Chhath fast alongside her.

(3) Next, provide as much soup—that is, to your daughter-in-law—in each of the Arghya soups that you present. Others also make calls to Pandit ji to request that they obtain Chhath quickly for them. If you wish to, you can also do this.

(4) You should call Panditji, say prayers, and pour a soup made of the Arghya that you offer to God after worshipping if you don't have a daughter-in-law to take Chhath. You can also quickly escape Chhath in this manner.

This was the requirement for departing Chhath. This rule states that you may leave Chhath Vrat if you're ever unable to keep it.

How is chhath puja performed?

(1) You must properly clean your entire home during Chhath Puja. You should properly clean the area where you will prepare the food for Chhath Puja.

(2) It should be emphasised that no prasad should be prepared for the Chhath fast, even if the burner on which you are preparing non-vegetarian food has been forgotten. For the Chhath fast, you should, if at all feasible, try a new stove.

(3) Beginning on the day of Diwali itself, those who practise Chhath Puja abstain from consuming garlic and onions. Throughout the entire Kartik month, many individuals avoid eating garlic and onions. You can avoid eating garlic and onions after Deepawali if you'd like, at least.

Then, on the day that you take a bath, you should thoroughly wash your hair and bathe. You ought to take a dip in a river or pond on this day. If you don't have access to a river or pond, take a bath with water that has been mixed with Gangajal. Food should only be consumed after worshipping after a bath. Tell us what you shouldn't eat the day you take a bath.

What foods should you consume and avoid on the day you take a bath?

(1) Chhath Vrat adherents must understand the significance of bathing during this fast. Therefore, please be as specific as possible about what you should and should not eat.

(2) During the Chhath fast, it is forbidden to eat anything with lentils, onions, or garlic. For worship, lentils are not seen as pure. In addition, you shouldn't eat any pumpkin, radish, or brinjal. Those who observe the Chhath fast should also refrain from using mustard oil on the day they take a bath.

(3) Using pure ghee when bathing is ideal, but for those who are unable to purchase it, cooking on this day should instead be done with refined oil or sunflower oil. You must prepare gramme dal or turmeric dal on this day.

(4) You must have gourd-based vegetables on this day because they are highly auspicious on bathing days.

How to Perform Chhath Puja During a Period

(1) You should keep the Chhath fast if it is the fifth day of your period because that is when the goddess is first worshipped. You shouldn't present Arghya if it is the third or first or second day of your period because the deities are only worshipped after the seventh day of your period.

(2) You can hire someone else to perform the Arghya if you must. You can complete all the Chhath fast-related tasks while on your period, but stay away from worship. You may also worship after the period has been over for five days.

(3) However, the Sun God's Arghya is not granted on the fifth day of the period or less.

It will be fortunate to offer Arghya after the seventh day of the period, according the guidelines. However, if it has been six days since your period and you still want to present Arghya, you can do it on the sixth day.

Complete worship technique for Chhath Puja: how to fast

(1) You must be familiar with Chhath Puja's rules if you intend to fast for the festival. If you don't know how to fast for Chhath Puja very well, let us explain the entire Chhath Puja procedure to you in detail.

(2) Gathering the necessary materials is crucial for Chhath Puja. Tell us about the Chhath Puja's ingredients.

(3) Eat the Puja. Rice, gramme or toor dal, ghee, spices, bottle gourd, rock salt or salt, and turmeric are the ingredients.

(4) Nahay Khay offerings: On this day, you must prepare rice, lentils, and gourd vegetables using the ingredients listed above for the puja. Then, after giving Chhath Maiya food, consume your own food and feed it to your family.

(5) Rice, flour, sweets, and daily Sathi worship are the ingredients for Chhath Puja on the day of Kharna.

(6)Prasad on the day of Kharna: On this day, worshippers should dress in red or yellow or wear glass bangles or lathi. You should worship Chhath Maiya once more and only offer kheer and roti as offerings after cooking kheer and roti from rice made from sathi.

List of ingredients for Chhath Puja

Thekua, Vermilion, Big cardamom, Bamboo basket or nugget, Bamboo or brass soup, Apple, Orange, Banana, Sweet Potato, Water Fruit Coconut water, pineapple, guava, sweet and sour lemons, ginger, turmeric, laddu, lota, milk, honey, ghee, atta, paan, betel nuts, radish, pumpkin, sack, matches, and new clothing are a few other examples.

Remember that the bamboo stick should be fully decorated and covered before you place the entire Chhath Puja package inside of it.

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