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Diwali Pujan

Preparation for Goddess Lakshmi's Diwali worship ritual, necessary supplies, and considerations. On the auspicious festival of Diwali, many people wonder how to worship Goddess Lakshmi without making any mistakes. If you have the same question, we will answer it in full today and let you know what kind of Lakshmi Puja you ought to perform on Diwali. Please describe how to worship Lakshmi during Diwali.

Make care to fully clean your home and store, especially the shrine where Lakshmi is revered. Dust, cobwebs, or dirt are all seen as unlucky in that location. Goddess Lakshmi becomes enraged because all of these things are symbols of laziness. Take extra care of this item as a result.

Having everything ready in advance for Lakshmi Maa worship is advised because interrupting the worship is frowned upon. Therefore, gather any items that are required in advance and maintain them at the place of worship.

Every member of the household must take part in the Lakshmi Puja. Therefore, keep in mind that no household member should miss the time of worship.

You must worship both at home and outside, such as a store, etc. If you own a business, include chequebooks, account books, etc. in the devotion to receive Maa Lakshmi's blessings.

Take the decision to worship before you begin, and during that time, keep your mind clear and resist allowing any negative thoughts to enter it.

Diwali preparations for Lakshmi Puja

Let's now discuss how to be ready for Lakshmi Puja.In order to do this, you should follow the steps for Lakshmi Puja listed below:-

(1)Cleanse the place of worship first with Gangajal.

(2)Install a large post on it, cover it with a white or red fabric, and then mount a statue or image of Mata Rani and Lord Ganesha.

(3)Keep in mind that the idol of Lord Ganesha should be placed on the left side of Lakshmi Mata, and the idol of Saraswati Mata should be placed on the right side of Lakshmi Mata, if it is to be retained as well.

(4)The Kalash should now be set on some rice in front of the Lakshmi idol.

(5)With the help of some leaves, create a circle on top of the Kalash, then put the coconut within. The coconut should have its front side facing upward.

(6)Light two large lamps, one of which should be placed on the large post in front of the idols and the other on the post's right side.

(7)Keep a smaller post in front of the larger one now, and also cover it with red fabric.

(8)Create nine heaps of rice, representing the nine planets, starting with the tiny post and moving toward the urn.

(9)Make sixteen tiny rice heaps in the same manner and place them in front of the Ganesha image, which represents Shodashmatrika.

(10)Make the Swastik and Om symbol now and add the betel nut, clove, and cardamom to it.

(11)Now embellish the altar plate that is in front of the post. On a dish, place a lamp. You may maintain as many lamps as you see fit; there is no set quantity.

(12)Keep Mata Rani's worship supplies in a different plate.

The pooja has been prepared. In addition to this, you should ask your Pandit ji in advance if you require anything more.

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