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Janmadin Pujan 

Manav Parv, the festival of fasting, designates the birthday as a holiday. Pray for the child's long life on this day by worshipping God, giving lamps or other kinds of offerings, etc. The astrology section of the book describes the birthday customs.

Long life rites are carried out on the auspicious occasion of birthdays. So wearing it will protect against unforeseen disasters in the next life, and by doing this worship, one will undoubtedly receive the instrument of good health, happiness, and long life.

On his birthday, each person should light eleven flour lamps, place them in front of Lord Ganesha, and offer a prayer for good health, happiness, and intelligence.

Janmadin pooja's advantages include:

(1) You adorn your arm or neck with the yantra you receive from this procedure. This safeguards you against unintentional mishap.

(2) Success exists in every industry.

(3) The yantra's influence makes everyone adore you.

(4) The mind is still joyful, and sorcery is ineffective.

Ritual results include:

With the help of this ceremony, your entire year is shielded from the aforementioned illnesses, and everything you do stays running smoothly.

Information that you have received:

Birthday person's name, father's or husband's name, gotra, and location.

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