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Grah Shanti Ketu Dev Puja

Vedic astrology refers to Ketu as the Lunar node. It is a dreaded planet that represents freedom from shackles of this earth. According to legend, Ketu will steal your property and assets, causing a financial disaster. Natives who have Ketu in a favourable position in their birth chart experience strong intuition. While Ketu can bring sadness, mental health problems, insanity, the capacity to commit crimes, poor relationships, anxiety, and loss if it is not in the right place or the right ratio. As a result, it's crucial to balance Ketu's negative aspects and maintain exact proportions in your birth chart.

How might Ketu Dev Grah Shanti Puja be beneficial to you?

The best method to placate the moon planet is Ketu Dev Grah Shanti Puja. High levels of purity and devotion should be used during the Shodashopachara portions of the puja. You must recite the revered and customary Ketu mantra 17,000 times. Sesame, barley, and ghee are among the Lord Ketu-related items used in the havan, which is performed every 1700 times.

Lord Ketu can be calmed and the evils removed from your birth chart with the use of a yagya. It aids in bringing the person for whom the havan is performed the maximum advantages. The Puja should be performed on Tuesday or during Ketu Nakshatra, the next optimum Muhurta. Five priests are chosen to execute the Puja on the holy day of Muhurta under the direction of our Aacharya Ji, who is highly knowledgeable in Vedic rites.

Ketu Dev Grah Shanti Puja benefits:-

(1)Removes Ketu's harmful impacts from your life

(2)Reduces apprehension and uncertainty.

(3)Increases spirituality and inner fortitude.

(4)Protects against failed relationships.

(5)Helps you manage and regulate your life and shields you from bad luck.

(6)Offers protection from suffering and anxiety.

(7)increases financial security

Why should you choose us to book your Puja online?

To ensure the greatest outcomes, the eminent and well-known Acharya will perform only one Puja at a time for you. 

Our Vedic sages do customised puja in accordance with the Vedic guidelines and procedures.

Additionally, your Sankalp has been completed to personalise your Puja and connect it with the desired goal.

The addition of top-notch Puja Samagri generates a lot of wonderful vibes and energy.

Participating digitally in a live puja performed by our Vedic priests.

Our team offers a simple and convenient online puja that is legitimate and performed on time.

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