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Kali Puja Advantages

Shyama Puja is another name for Kali Puja. This Puja is particularly well-liked, especially in West Bengal, India. But it's also done in a number of other states. To please Lord Kali, one does the Kali Puja. On Diwali night, the big Kali Puja takes place. On the other hand, Kali Puja can also be done on a moonday. Stress and tension are reduced by it. When you perform Kali Puja on the closest Amavasya day, you will be freed from problems and suffering if you aren't finding any light in your life. Among the many advantages of Kali Puja are:

All fatal illnesses are cured, and confidence and mental wellness are also increased.

• It eliminates all negative energies from the home and also brings peace and happiness. 
• It helps to pay off debts and achieve a stable and prosperous life. 
• Kali Puja can liberate the individual and also serve as a guide for achieving wisdom. 
• It eases the pain and suffering brought on by a variety of causes, and it enhances family relationships.

The Legends Related to Kali Puja

Goddess Kali manifests in a variety of ways as an expression of Shakti, the enduring power of the cosmos. She is also known as the Goddess of Tantrism or Black Magic in India. The festival of Kali Puja investigates and illuminates the profound connotations of feminine divinity using the potent imagery of paintings, sculptures, and literature.

The customs

The Kali Puja rites are quite straightforward and basic. To please Kali Maa, preparation and cooking are not necessary. Even "soma ras" or pure wine is presented to Ma Kali as a "bhog." The major Kali Puja begins at midnight and lasts until daybreak. The worship of Ma Kali occurs among the cracker explosions.

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