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Upnayan Sanskaar

One of the most significant Samskrs is Upanayan. The words "Upa" and "Nayanam" both mean "to bring." Upanayan is Sanskrit for "to draw near to the Guru or Divine." The Vaidic tradition performs Upanayan, commonly referred to as the "holy thread ceremonial," to commemorate the start of formal instruction. The sacred Gayatri Mantra must be learned through an initiation process. Yajnopavitam, or sacred thread, is a component of the Upanayan ceremonial.

The gross, subtle, and causal bodies are the three different sorts we have. All levels of misery fall into one of three categories. We seek refuge in Gayatri in order to overcome all three evils. Chanting the Gayatri Mantra allows one to cross the sea of suffering and find pleasure.

What is implied by this Mantra? The message is: "Let me immerse myself in the Divine, and let the Divine purge me of all my sins." Let me worship and bask in the Divine flame that consumes all sin. Our brain prevents the infinite Divinity from fully manifesting itself in life. So, the request is for Divine inspiration of my intellect.

The Gayatri Mantra can be spoken by women.

Yes. The fact that women cannot chant is not addressed anywhere. It is regrettable that this independence from women was taken away at some point in the mediaeval times. It was a culture where men controlled. The males believed that if the women chanted the Gayatri Mantra, it would increase their strength and sankalpa shakti, giving them the ability to heal others. Whatever they work toward will be successful. In order to maintain their dominance, the men did not allow women to learn this holy chant. This has been brought back by The Art of Living for women's spiritual development. Many women are taking pleasure in Upanayan's sattvic bliss.

Why recite it 108 times?

There are twelve constellations and nine planets. There are 108 different types of changes that result from the nine planets orbiting the twelve constellations. The Gayatri Mantra's uplifting energy can be used to counteract any negative effects that these alterations may have.

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