Sun Mahadasha And Antardasha

Sun mahadasha and antardasha

Sun mahadasha and antardasha || Mahadasha of Sun – Result of Antardasha:-(1) In the mahadasha of the sun, in the antardasha of the sun, one should get more fame than the king, be rich, live in mountains and forests, have fever and heat diseases, be afraid of father’s separation. If the sun is good, take good fruit. If the Sun is weak or in a bad place, then take inauspicious results.

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(2) When there is a difference of the Moon in the Mahadasha of the Sun,

Then the person should destroy his enemies, his sufferings should be at peace, wealth should come, agriculture should be done, house should be built, there should be communication with friends. If the moon is lying in a bad place or is inauspicious, then there is a possibility of loss due to decay and water-borne diseases.

(3) When there is antardasha of Mars in the mahadasha of the Sun,

Mars mahadasha and antardasha

The person falls ill, gets deposed, and suffers from enemies. Have opposition from the men of your clan. The person should be afraid of the king and there may be destruction of wealth. The person is also afraid that he may get hurt or boils in the body. According to our view, both Sun and Mars are good – Mars will have good results in mutually favored signs.

(4) Explains the difference of Rahu in the Mahadasha of the Sun.

Rahu mahadasha experience

Enemies may arise, the groom may increase, wealth may be destroyed or theft may happen. Objections come. The person is afraid of poison. There should be pain in the head of the person. There may be disease in the eye, but his mind should be more attracted towards the enjoyment of worldly objects.

(5) When there is a difference of Jupiter in the Mahadasha of the Sun,

Then enemies should be destroyed, money should be earned in various ways. There should be daily worship of the deities, there should be the government of Brahmins, gurus, and brothers. But there is pain in the ear and there is tuberculosis-related disease. According to our view, in the antardasha of

Jupiter, bad results will happen only when Jupiter is a strong antidote or is lying in trouble.

(6) When there is antardasha of Shani in the Mahadasha of Sun, then

There may be destruction of wealth, separation from son, disease of woman, death of any guru

(master, father, uncle, etc.). spend too much. Clothes and other things of the house should be destroyed. There should be filth (the house, clothes, body, etc. of the person should not remain clean) and the person should suffer from phlegm diseases. Although in the above verse, Kapha pain has been said, but according to our view, Sun is the lord of Pitta and Shani is the cause of Vata, because of this there should be Vata pain in Shani’s Antardasha.

(7) When there is antardasha of Mercury in the Mahadasha of the Sun,

Then there may be boils, pimple, skin diseases, leprosy, jaundice, etc. There is pain in the waist, in the stomach and there is disease in the body due to the disorders of Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Mercury is the lord of all three – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. For this reason, all the three doshas are said to cause disease.

(8) When Ketu is in the Sun, a friend dies or a friend leaves the friendship.

Fight with your men and family members. Be afraid of the enemy. There may be destruction of wealth (by theft or in any other way), a teacher may get sick. There is a lot of pain in the feet and in the head of the native. Sun and Ketu are mutual enemies, that is why Ketu has been said to have a very bad result in Sun.

(9) When the difference of Venus comes in the Mahadasha of the Sun,

There is pain in the head, there is a disease in the stomach, there is pain in the anus, there is a shortage in agricultural work, house, money, and food, children fall ill. woman is ill.